Ashley Graham Fights Back Against Fat Shaming

by The Z Living Editors

Google Ashley Graham fat shaming and what do you get? 248,000 pages of results. That's right folks, almost a quarter of a million websites that find it necessary to, ahem, weigh-in on the ins and outs of the plus-sized model's body. That doesn't even begin to cover the millions of people who have watched youtube videos, posted tweets, reacted to instagram photos, and commented on Facebook, all on the same topic: what Ashley Graham looks like on any given day.

Unfortunately, for plus-sized models (well, all models, really), the job comes with discussion, by the adoring and not so adoring public at large, around the perfections and imperfections of their bodies. CNN reports that many observers have taken to social media lately to criticize Ashley's body for a brand new reason: now she's too thin. We're not kidding.

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The model, who appeared on the cover of Sport's Illustrated's latest swimsuit edition, recently posted her new svelte look to instagram: And people are calling it a total betrayal.

Here's where we stand: women have the right to look and feel beautiful in whatever body they choose to live in. We're about health and wellness that comes from the inside first, and the package it's delivered in...well, that's really up to you. We think it's important stuff to keep the important stuff the important stuff: eat right, move often, feel joy.

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Ashley has fought back against the backlash to her fit and healthy bod in the last few days. She wrote an article that was shared via This kick-ass site dedicated to women's voices started by Lena Dunham and like-minded companions. Ashley's article Shamed If I Do, Shamed If I Don't is certainly worth a read if you're looking for some inspiration from a woman who has certainly done some soul searching around what true body positive acceptance looks and feels like at its most powerful. 

Ashley's also working overtime to promote the hashtag #beautybeyondsize - empowering fellow women to share their own photos that represent strength, sexuality and health in all it's various shapes. 

All we can say to Ashley is: YOU GO, GIRL!

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