One medium-sized banana has a whopping 105 calories; seems like the odds are already against a dieter, doesn’t it? But, before you blacklist this everyday fruit to the no-fly list on your food plan, let’s get all of our facts straight.

Bananas can swing both ways. While they are extremely calorific, they also have properties that can help you lose a lot of weight too. The number of bananas you eat, decides which side of the spectrum you end up on.

Bananas For Muscle Building: The fruit is a good source of carbohydrates, which restores the glucose in the body and carries protein to the muscle for cell growth. But, for you to build muscles, you need to eat more bananas to increase your calorie intake—more than what you would burn while you exercise. Plus, pairing a banana with another protein can help add bulk (the muscular kind) to your body. For best results, consume 1g of carbs per kilo of body weight, within 30 minutes of your workout.

Bananas For Weight Loss: This all-time favorite snack is packed with fiber and vitamin B. Great to kick-start your metabolism, the pectin in the bananas will keep you feeling full for longer periods and curb impulse eating.

Eaten in moderation and all on their own, bananas are a big plus for your weight loss plan; coupled with carb-loaded and fatty ingredients, they can make you pack on the pounds really quickly.

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