Transform Your Life In 30 Days With The #BigFatChallenge!

by The Z Living Editors

30 days to help you feel good again. 30 days to jump-start you into a whole new way of living. Isn't your overall quality of life worth a month of hard work? Watch the video above for your personal invitation to do just that.

When you make just one little change each day, it's not that hard. In conjunction with our new show The Big Fat Truth, host JD Roth (at right) designed The Big Fat 30 Day Challenge so that everyone has access to the transformative lifestyle changes that the show participants experience, as well as access to tips that he knows really, truly work. Whether you're overweight, dealing with a health issue, or just need that boost to get your healthier lifestyle started, take on our 30-day #BigFatChallenge today.

Take The #BigFatChallenge! Sign Up For A Month Of Life-Changing Tips Today

Sign Up Now!

Watch the video above for The Big Fat Truth host JD Roth's personal invitation to the challenge, and click here to sign up now (it's free, and it takes just seconds!).

Here's What You'll Get:

Every day for a month, you'll receive tips and a video straight from Roth to your inbox, all aimed at making little changes to your exercise routine, eating habits, and outlook on life. 

And Here's What To Expect: 

Those 30 days of little changes will ultimately add up to a whole new way of living, one that you can continue anytime in the future. Why not get started today?

We Want To See Your Progress & Cheer You On!

Join our whole community of like-minded people ready to live healthier, happier lives by using the hashtag #BigFatChallenge throughout your 30-day challenge.

Out for an invigorating walk on Day 1? Shopping smarter in the grocery store on Day 3? Snap a pic, tweet, or post your progress using the hashtag #BigFatChallenge! We want to applaud your efforts all month long.

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Tune In To The Big Fat Truth For Inspiration That Will Keep You Going Strong.

On Z Living's newest show The Big Fat Truth, weight loss pro and host JD Roth takes on the challenge to help save the lives of everyday heroes who often put themselves last, especially when it comes to their health. These are folks you know (and in fact you might be one!), from teachers, nurses, and moms, to chefs, diabetics, and even six former participants from the show The Biggest Loser (formerly executive produced by Roth) who've gained back the weight and want to give losing it all another shot. You'll cheer as they go through a 90 day transformative journey with Roth, filled with takeaway ideas you can apply to your own weight loss and healthy living goals.

Can the six former Biggest Losers re-lose the weight they've regained?

Will a young diabetic threatened with blindness due to her poor habits find the will to turn her life around? 

Can five teachers pass the ultimate test of putting their own health first?

These are just a few of the inspiring stories you'll see on The Big Fat Truth. 

Watch The Big Fat Truth Sundays At 8pm, Premiering June 11. 

Learn more about The Big Fat Truth here, and see where you can tune in.

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