6 Jaw-Dropping Weight-Loss Stories From 'The Big Fat Truth'

by The Z Living Editors
Z Living's new show The Big Fat Truth is a all about the real reasons people gain weight —​ or in the case of the premiere episode, why exactly the yo-yo-ing effect of gaining it and losing it again occurs. Luckily, show host JD Roth has found some "big fat truths" throughout his 15+ year career in weight loss (Roth is the former executive producer of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss) — and his latest results from The Big Fat Truth are nothing short of astounding.

Want to see exactly how these people lost the weight? Watch The Big Fat Truth, Sundays at 8pm to find out! See where you can tune in.

The Big Fat Truth Kicks Off With Some Familiar Faces

First up on The Big Fat Truth are six former contestants from The Biggest Loser, all of whom regained the weight (and then some) once the cameras stopped rolling. Roth's mission in the episode? To find out why. "How do you win the lottery by going on a show like The Biggest Loser, do all that work, and then regain the weight?" he asks. "There's something more going on."

"Tears Weigh More Than Fat," Says Roth.

Sure enough, in addition to the hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of regained weight among these folks, there was also marital issues, deep-rooted self-esteem insecurities, and health problems. Roth tackles each issue head on by helping each participant to get in the right mental shape to be healthy, and by prescribing not just exercise, but a whole-food, plant-based diet to each of them — something he and his family personally follow and deeply believe in.

Beyond that, Roth stresses, "The big fat truth is that the secret to weight loss is what's in your head."

The results of this combination of soul-searching and healthy eating will blow your mind. These are the six unbelievable weight-loss stories from the former Biggest Losers given a second chance to lose the weight and really solve their weight issues on The Big Fat Truth

Here's The 'Before' And 'After' Photos From The Big Fat Truth's Former Biggest Loser Stars:


Ryan Benson Lost 54 lbs In Just 90 Days. That's 16% Of His Original Weight! 

Ryan Benson was the winner of the first season of The Biggest Loser, but he regained 153 lbs between then and coming to The Big Fat Truth. Recalling winning The Biggest Loser, Benson told us, "I celebrated by having a cheeseburger, and a lot of ribs and French fries."

Now, years later, he has stopped that downward spiral and began operating on a plant-based diet without any fast food. Reflecting on his turnaround, Benson says, "I've spent the past 90 days making good choices, and I feel a million times better." 

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Mallory Bray Lost 29 lbs In Just 90 Days. She Also Solved A Personal Happiness Crisis!

Mallory Bray came onto The Big Fat Truth feeling melancholy about her life and her marriage. Having gained 76 lbs since appearing on The Biggest Loser, Bray told Roth about her fear of weighing in at the beginning of last night's premiere. She said, "I don't want to know the numbers. I don't want to live by the numbers, I just want to be happy."

After following her diet and working alongside her husband, she lost 12% of her beginning weight in 90 days. She told us about her main takeaway saying, "The biggest thing is being accountable, and it makes me feel good all day." 

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Curtis Bray Lost 107 lbs In Just 90 Days. That's 26% Of His Starting Weight (Wow)!

Curtis Bray (Mallory's husband) came onto The Big Fat Truth having gained more weight since The Biggest Loser than anybody else. Coming in at 406 lbs, he admitted, "I've made small compromises over the years that have turned into old habits."

After working through Roth's program on The Big Fat Truth, and ultimately losing more weight than every other person on the show (read more about his incredible transformation here), Bray effectively threw away those bad habits for good. 

"That guy you used to know is dead," Bray says. "I've had millions of excuses, I've given up, but there's nothing you can't get through."

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Jessica Limpert Lost 67 lbs In Just 90 Days. Coming In, She Was The Heaviest She'd Ever Been.

At the start of The Big Fat Truth, Jessica Limpert was in tears because she weighed over 300 lbs for the first time in her life. She'd gained 149 lbs since The Biggest Loser. She said, "I may be 323 pounds, but my heart feels 500 pounds. And that's even worse than weighing more than I have in my entire life." 

Addressing her diet, and her issues with insecurity, Limpert shed 20% of her total body weight during her 90-days with The Big Fat Truth. She said of her improvement, "I feel awesome. I get home from twelve hours of work, and I have energy... I just feel like a totally different person." 

Ramon Medeiros Lost 69 lbs In Just 90 Days. That's 20% Of His Starting Weight! 

Ramon Medeiros (Jessica's husband) were former all-stars of The Biggest Loser, and even worked with the show as personal trainers following their time as contestants! However, some nasty comments got into his head years back, and sent him down a spiral of unhealthy eating and inactivity. At the beginning of the show, he says, "My relationship with food is, I love it. I'm a food addict." (Read more about food addiction and how to fight it, here.)

Given the right diet, some pep talks, and exercises from Roth on how to perceive discouraging words, Medeiros turned things around in a big way. By the end of his 90 days, Medeiros wasn't focused on food anymore. He addressed the change, telling Roth, "You pushed us to get past the words, and to do what we needed mentally to get the missing piece. We know how to workout." 

Final participant Brittany Aberle was absent from the end of the show, due to a death in the family. However, we're happy to report that she was well on her way to a healthier lifestyle, having dropped 26 pounds over the course of 90 days (and had lost 6% of her body weight in the first 10 days alone, in part to trying a whole food, plant-based diet for the first time). Bravo, Brittany!

Ready to see more people tackle their weight loss problems? Tune into The Big Fat Truth Sundays at 8pm, only on Z Living.

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