Watch 5 Teachers Get Schooled — Can They Ace A Personal Health Test?

by The Z Living Editors

Teachers are pros when it comes to dropping knowledge and educating America's youth. And while these five are fully dedicated to their students' development in reading, writing, and arithmetic, there's one big lesson they haven't fully learned themselves: How to care for their own health and wellness. In fact, all five are well on their way to some serious health problems.

In Z Living's dramatic new unscripted series The Big Fat Truth, five teachers enter show host JD Roth's Health 101 course — but this isn't just about receiving good grades, their very lives are at stake. Failing is not an option.

Watch The Video Above For A Sneak Peek At The Episode!

Can these educators lose weight, lower their bad cholesterol, and — bottom line  — ace the most important test of their lives? Tune in to The Big Fat Truth Sundays at 8pm to find out! Learn more about the show here, and find out when you can tune in.

The Big Fat Truth Is All About The Real Reasons Behind Weight Gain

The Big Fat Truth addresses the deeper reasons people struggle with weight, and gives them the tools and the optimism they need to transform their lives. Using problem-solving and motivational skills, JD Roth takes on the challenge to help save the lives of everyday heroes, teachers, nurses, and moms, among them. He also starts each show participant on a whole food, plant-based diet — with some truly astonishing results.

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30 days to help you feel good again. 30 days to jump-start you into a whole new way of living. Isn't your overall quality of life worth a month of hard work?

When you make just one little change each day, it's not that hard. In conjunction with The Big Fat Truth, host JD Roth designed The Big Fat 30 Day Challenge so that everyone has access to the transformative lifestyle changes that the show participants experience, as well as access to tips that he knows really, truly work. Whether you're overweight, dealing with a health issue, or just need that boost to get your healthier lifestyle started, take on our 30-day #BigFatChallenge today.

Here's What You'll Get:

Every day for a month, you'll receive tips and a video straight from Roth to your inbox, all aimed at making little changes to your exercise routine, eating habits, and outlook on life. Sign up now, it's fast and free!

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Watch The Big Fat Truth Sundays at 8PM, with special encore presentations Tuesdays at 8PM.

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