Real Life Wonder Woman—Heidi Powell Dishes On How To Change Lives

by Sarah Gilligan

Z Living’s original series The Big Fat Truth features host JD Roth helping everyday heroes reclaim control of their health by going on whole-food, plant-based diets, and committing to better overall fitness. To help boost motivation, and keep things fresh, sometimes Roth brings in guest experts to train and excite the group. 

This season, Heidi Powell, former transformation specialist on the show Extreme Weight Loss, makes a surprise appearance to kick some moms into gear. Excited for her to appear on the channel, we sat down with Powell and asked her to map out her route to fitness success. 

Check out this clip from The Big Fat Truth, and learn more about it here.

Figuring Out How To Change People’s Lives

Heidi Powell has loved fitness since she was a child. Her parents were always in great shape, and she started training people at 18 years old. However, the young Heidi Powell also struggled getting her career and business off the ground. “People would come in for a thirty-minute session, and I could see what their goals were, and I could see what they wanted to do, but nobody ever wanted to stick to their diets.” 

Working to get to a healthier place personally, and to rethink her business strategies, Powell attended a self-improvement seminar, where she met her future husband Chris Powell. Coming off his own issues with addiction, Chris had a ton of ideas and knew that Heidi could help him. “He started having me do demonstration videos, we started writing classes together, and really just never stopped,” she told us.

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Spreading Good Fitness To The World

The Powells went on to helm the show Extreme Weight Loss on ABC for five seasons, and are still making waves in the fitness world. “We launched an app in March, I love it,” Powell told us, “And we’re coming out with a food line in March!”

Additionally, Powell made a brief return to the world of fitness television with her guest visit to The Big Fat Truth. Appearing on the “Moms” episode, which also happens to be the upcoming season finale, Powell puts the guests through a special workout. Reflecting on the experience, she told us, “Having all of those women work through it together was one of the most human things we could’ve done. If they don’t have that support group, it’s insanely difficult for them to feel good. What JD did for them was tremendous.” 

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Powell’s Advice To Mother’s Everywhere

Powell told us, “One of the biggest lessons that moms need to know, is the idea of being selfish… We’re programmed to take care of everyone else from when we’re pregnant—so much so that the thought of taking care of yourself comes with such a huge amount of guilt. But, by taking care of everyone else before yourself, you’ll fall apart. If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anyone else.”

Do the moms who appear on the season finale of ‘The Big Fat Truth’ learn to take care of themselves? Tune in to find out. 

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