A Plant-Based Diet Saved This Man From A Possible Heart Attack—In Just 10 Days!

by The Z Living Editors

Initially, it wasn't looking good for executive chef Wes Lieberher, a nationally-recognized chef best known for his work with Beer Belly in Los Angeles. His food might be delicious, but his health was in shambles. Lieberher clocked in at a whopping 4x the normal amount of triglycerides (a type of fat found in your blood) when tested by JD Roth, host of Z Living's new unscripted series The Big Fat Truth.

As high levels of triglycerides can raise your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and even stroke, Roth was shocked—and concerned. "It's the highest number I've ever seen of anyone I've ever worked with. You're a ticking time bomb," Roth told Lieberher.

On The Big Fat Truth, Roth delves into the real reasons people are overweight and challenges participants to turn their health around in 90 days. Lieberher—who was in such immediate danger that Roth sent him straight to a doctor—had more work to do than most.

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Lieberher's Triglyceride Levels Were Dangerously High

A normal, healthy triglyceride count is around 150. Lieberher's, in marked contrast, was a whopping 646! That’s over four times the normal count. At their first meeting, Roth told Lieberher that as his triglyceride count was the highest he’d ever seen, he’d be his first guest asked to visit a doctor on the very first day of the program. 

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How Had Lieberher's Levels Gotten So Far Out Of Control?

While Lieberher’s blood tests revealed shockingly high triglyceride numbers, his main problems were something that our host has dealt with countless times. On the show, Roth puts each of his guests on a whole food, plant-based diet. He also introduces them to exercise regimens, and digs into what really lead to each individual’s falling out of shape. In Lieberher’s case, he had a family history of poor health, worked long hours, didn't exercise, and was in large part ignorant of the damage he was doing to his health through his lifestyle and habits. He was blown away by the original blood tests. That shock, was enough to get him to commit to the program 100%.

And his results were phenomenal. 

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Following A Plant-Based Diet Created An Incredible Reversal For Lieberher

Lieberher’s scariest statistic at the outset was his triglyceride level was over 4x the recommended level. But after just ten-days on a whole food, plant-based diet Wes Lieberher lost 16 pounds and his triglyceride count dropped from 646 to 115! That type of drop off is incredible, but also a testament to the effectiveness of a plant-based diet and some basic exercise. 

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Liberher Even Took His New Diet One Step Further

Not only did Liberher begin using regular walks and exercise excursions as opportunities to spend more time with his family, he found that spending so much time working with vegetables made his cooking better, and more creative. This sparked the new addition of a plant-based option at his restaurant, which Roth tries during the episode.

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