5 Astonishing Weight-Loss Stories Of Nurses On 'The Big Fat Truth'

by Z Living Editors

Z Living’s show The Big Fat Truth dives into the real reasons people gain weight, and the latest episode focused on the demanding, unhealthy lives of nurses. From the constant barrage of sweets and baked goods offered as thank-you gifts from patients, to the late-nights and long hours, these five guests all lost control of their diets and health before coming on the show. 

Luckily though, host JD Roth is bringing 15+ years of weight-loss expertise—he’s the former executive producer of The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss—to help them turn their lives around. 

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JD Roth Reminds Nurses That Someone Needs To Take Care Of Them Too. 

In this episode, Roth worked with five overweight nurses who he says are statistically six times more likely to be overweight than the rest of the population, and who on average live seven years less. When JD Roth met them, he noticed that each nurse spent so much time taking care of others, that they forgot to take care of themselves. 

He reminded them to practice self-love, and then put each of them on a whole food, plant-based diet for 90 days. The results were amazing.

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Here Are The ‘Before’ & ‘After’ Photos From The Big Fat Truth’s Nurse Feature: 

Jeannette Lost 22 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 12% Weight Loss!

Jeannette came onto The Big Fat Truth with the biggest sweet tooth we’d ever seen, but it wasn’t all fun in games. She told us, “I love to eat, and I hate it. I hate the way it makes me feel, and I hate that once I eat it, I can’t stop.” She also told us that she had no parenting support, or emotional backbone with her husband.

JD Roth spent time with Jeannette and her family, focusing on making her diet and health a priority. Jeannette’s results show that she figured out how to make time for herself. At the end, she told us, “I have gained self-respect, but this is the big fat truth—I’ve gained a voice, and I can’t put a price tag on that.” 

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Jill Lost 37 lbs in 90 Days. That’s 12% Weight Loss!

Jill came to us fully aware of how she had let go of her health, but totally shocked at how fast it had happened. “I have gained 100 lbs since becoming a nurse,” she told us, “And that’s extremely difficult. When I look at myself, I think, How did I get here?” 

JD Roth showed Jill after a couple hiccups along the 90 days, that she got to this weight by continuing to neglect her diet and body. She ultimately turned it around, and came to the final weigh-in triumphant and proud. She told us that, “The person I want to be is standing here now, saying, I’m done. I’m doing this and nobody can stop me.” 

Katherine Lost 35 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 16% Weight Loss!

Kathryn joined The Big Fat Truth family with her husband Brandon, which could have been good or bad at the outset. Would they support each other’s transformations, or indulge in one another’s dangerous impulses? Going into the 90-day diet, Kathryn said, “I hope I don’t get hungry all of the time. That’s my main worry.” 

While Kathryn was worried about losing food, she became surprised at what she gained. Looking astonishing at the final weigh-in, she said, “I was so taken aback by how much energy that I had gone through this whole thing. I don’t ever want to give that up.” 

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Brandon Lost 50 lbs in 90 Days. That’s 18% Weight Loss!

Brandon knew that nursing took a toll on him, and left the profession to pursue the culinary arts when we met him. Already on a path towards making himself happy, this was the last hump. “We’ve tried to lose weight multiple times,” he said, “I just want something to work.” 

As it has with everyone who has fully committed to it, the plant-based diet and exercise worked wonderfully for Brandon, who lost 50 lbs! He told us after, “The big fat truth for me is that you gotta believe you can do something. I didn’t have that belief in myself at the beginning of this process, and as time went on, I became a believer in me.” 

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Tanisha Lost 43 lbs in 90 Days. That’s 19% Weight Loss!

Tanisha told host JD Roth about her relentless schedule of parenting and nursing when they met. After trying out his program for a bit, she reached out saying, “The problem is that I’m having a hard time working out. Between work, school, just being busy being a mom. It’s just hard finding the time to work out.” 

JD Roth went to Tanisha’s house, helped her set up some exercise equipment, and got her and her husband on a nightly workout schedule. Her results were amazing. She came back looking like a new person, saying, “I’m more happy, I’m more confident, and I just feel better about myself. My kids are asking me for more fruits. My husband makes my smoothies in the morning…. I have so much energy, I could just conquer the world.” 

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