Joining the list of new mommies who shed the pregnancy weight in just a few weeks is Ryan Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl actress looks rather svelte and stunning; almost back in her pre-pregnancy shape. So, what did it take to shed the pounds within a matter of eight weeks?

It seems Lively hates the conventional workout routine, as she has earlier confessed in her interviews. She told, “I eat chocolates; yes, that part is true. But what they don’t print is I hate the gym, so what I do instead is find other ways to be active”.

Like Sarah Stage, Blake stayed active to keep her metabolism rolling throughout the day, even before pregnancy. This put her in a healthy position to start off with in the first place. “I ride bicycles, I hike, I go out and exercise in nature, and I’m active that way,” she said.

But, Blake Lively’s trick to smoothing out that baby bump was a prenatal yoga class, which she attended right up till her child’s birth.

Post-pregnancy, the actress regularly trained with her instructor Bobby Strom. Her workout includes crunches on the exercise ball, squats, reverse lunges and jumping squats. She also loves doing bicep curls to exercise her arm muscles.

As for the diet aspect, Blake blends her favorite fruits and vegetables to make healthy juices. She also eats a lot of lean protein and venison, which adds definition and body tone to her muscles.

So if you’re a new mommy and are looking for inspiration, Lively might make for a fine contender. Just understand that you should chalk out your own journey, and take as long as you need.

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