The USDA recommends three 1-cup servings of dairy each day, and about 8oz yogurt makes for one serving.

Consider This: There are 232 calories in an 8oz portion of low-fat yogurt. If you were to go by USDA guidelines, you would be consuming 700 calories in just yogurt. Make note that weight watchers need to be more aware of what they’re eating and find a balance between calories and nutrition. So, from the point of view of a diet plan, here’s what you need to know:

The Low-Fat Label Is A Big Fat Liar
If you think the fat content is significantly lower, think again. Low-fat foods have to legally be lower in fat by just 30 percent. If the food is fatty or rich in the first place, then the remaining 70 percent is fattening enough, all on its own.

What You’re Missing Out On
You could have traded the low-fat yogurt for more filling meals / components like:

Make note that yogurt does have weight-loss and nutritional benefits. But the truth is, like with all other things that carry the low-fat label, people tend to over-indulge in low-fat yogurt, too. Exercise control and do not trade a fulfilling meal for this quick fix.

Needless to say, flavored yogurts are out of the question and make you pile on the calories through their added sugars, so even if they slap on the all-natural tag (that is to say, they have real fruits), don’t be fooled; eat a whole fruit, instead.

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