Revealed: The Celebrity Secret To A Tummy Tuck Without Surgery

by Karishma Roye

While weight loss supplements and fat trimming procedures do come with their fair share of negativity, some of them are indeed safe and non-intrusive. The Touch My Body singer Mariah Carey is out about town, showing off her new curves with a figure that’s 45lb lighter, and she credits it all to ‘CoolScupting’.

The  Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Treatment
Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Almost as difficult to swallow as an all-natural face-lift. Well, CoolScupting is reminiscent of cryotherapy, which we know found its fan following among celebrities. While there the idea was to immerse your body in sub-zero temperatures to amp up the energy used (by burning fat) to keep you warm, CoolScupting has a more targeted approach.

Don’t melt that fat, freeze it, they say. A device is placed on the area you want to target to freeze the underlying fat cells in a controlled manner. These apparently causes them to die. Now, it is only after a couple of sessions that you will notice the difference because your body takes time to flush out these dead cells.

With an hour-long session dedicated to reducing the thickness of your belly hang, double chin, pudgy knees, or back fat by 25 percent, this non-invasive procedure claims to achieve targeted contouring and body sculpting.

Now, we don’t want to discount the fact that one need to diet and workout to shed the pounds, but CoolSculpting does seem to be a ‘go-to’ for celebrities who want some non-surgical body tone to firm up the excess loose skin. Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and now Mariah, too, have taken to the all-natural procedure to uplift their mom bods. Could this be the next big thing?

Images Via Instagram/Mariah Carey



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