At 51, Elle Macpherson Is Killing It With Her Bikini Body & Flawless Skin

by Charlene Flanagan

Okay, we’ll admit it. We’re totally jealous of Elle Macpherson. How can we not be? Have you seen how gorgeous she is? But enough of stating the obvious. After all, it takes a lot of work to look this good, and at 51, there’s definitely a secret to it, don’t you think? Ask Cindy Crawford or Christie Brinkley. They’ll concur.

So what is it that keeps this Australian supermodel looking 27? In all fairness, we have detailed exactly how a healthy diet and regular exercise helps keep you in shape. And, let’s not forget when we spoke about the importance of separate day and night beauty regimes. But, if it didn’t hit home then, maybe after Macpherson reiterates it, you’ll probably take note:

Elle On Her Skincare Routine
We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again—exfoliation is key! Don’t believe us? Let’s see what Elle has to say about it: “I exfoliate my face every day and my body twice a day—I shower in the morning and the evening.” Much like actress Sophia Bush, Macpherson too, relies on a body brush to boost circulation, “…and I always moisturize afterward.”

Now, it’s easier to spitball beauty hacks and other home remedies, but the truth is, finding a routine that works for you and sticking to it, is probably the best kept beauty secret here.


Elle’s Fitness Routine
Like any supermodel, it’s important to maintain appearances. After all, when you make your money by having to look good, there isn’t really much choice, is there? So how does one get legs that look runway-ready, all the time? For Macpherson, it’s all about swimming, biking and barefoot running, which makes complete sense, because look at the wonders these workouts can do for your body:

  • Cycling is an exercise that’s great for muscle tone. It’s also said to improve joint mobility and flexibility, and helps correct your posture. It heightens your sense of coordination and balance, and relieves stress. A general bike ride for an hour can give you a burn of 476 calories.
  • Swimming is a fun way of staying in shape, and with temperature-controlled pools, you can indulge in a swim, any time of the year. It keeps your heart rate up, and the buoyancy is very light on your bones and muscles, limiting the chance of an injury to the bare minimum. This no-sweat workout is a great way to build endurance and gain muscle tone, while getting into shape. Some fast and vigorous freestyle can credit you 450-600 calories in an hour.
  • There’s perhaps no better feeling of freedom than barefoot running. Add to that the view of the park, countryside or river and your 45-minute workout routine will have you never wanting to get back on the treadmill. Make note that running helps strengthen the bones and muscles, improves cardiovascular fitness, and can give you a 400 calorie burn in an hour.

Now, we may not have supermodel physiques, but there’s absolutely no reason why we can’t stay motivated and aim to be in the best possible shape we can be! What’s stopping us, right? Here’s to looking this gorgeous, even at 51!

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