Grill Your Way To A Leaner Body With Kevin Curry of FitMenCook

by Trina Remedios
Interested in a sculpted physique? Heading into the bare it all months of summer who among us wouldn't like to be a little more toned? We're not going to be discussing weight lifting programs or push the latest protein powder, as you might have assumed. The way to all of these attributes, says YouTube vlogger Kevin Curry, is through your stomach so #EatFearlessly. The way your body looks and feels is a direct result of your eating habits, first; workouts and exercise can only complement your diet.

Sure, a good dose of protein is definitely on the menu. But there's so much more to it and Kevin, the man behind FitMenCook, serves up tricks and tips to cook low-cal, nutritous meals that will help you develop that fit and toned body. His go-to cooking method for all things lean protein? The Grill. His grilled and barbecue dishes offer a great dose of inspiration just in time for outdoor summer cooking.

So, if you're ready to make every day a backyard body building BBQ, Kevin's recipes, alternate preps, cooking techniques, and calorie-stripping advice (read: choice of cut of meat, sauces, cooking styles) are just what you need.

A Little More About Kevin

Now a lean muscle man, until five years ago Kevin was struggling to lose weight as he moved from one restrictive diet to the next with yo-yo results. So, he tried another approach—cooking. Simply by preparing his own meals he found that it was so much easier to eat healthy and nutritious food which didn't lead to weight gain because he was personally accounting for every ingredient he used. A complete control over portions, salts, spices, sugars, and oils made the process of getting skinnier, not just fun and intriguing, but inexpensive, too. So now you know why his channel is called FitMenCook.

What We Love

Here's a site that shows you how to construct weight loss meals that won't leave you starving and are as tasty as the full-fat versions. Just by grilling instead of glazing, using low-fat oils and letting the fat melt-off while barbecuing, you can achieve that lean scultped body in no time. Also, did you know that grilling helps retain nutrients in your food which are otherwise lost while cooking? 

Protein lovers, you will learn how to include all food groups and macro nutrients into your diet—fats, carbohydrates, dairy, sugars included! "Our bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym," believes Kevin.

Well, on that note, we'd love to fire up the grill and get a move on with these mouthwatering recipes for the summer: 

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs
Finger food for an afternoon soirée or a simple late-evening snack: 

shrimp kebobs kevin curry
Spicy Mustard Chicken 
Kevin recommends this one for weekend brunches when you can stomach a side of rice and/or veggies to make one hearty 12pm meal. To use this recipe during the week, stick with just the protein and veg.
spicy mustard chicken kevin curry
Grilled Turkey-Wrapped Chicken Poppers (Click tab for recipe)
It makes for a delectable snack when you're having people over in the evening. The flavors of the chicken, turkey and goats' cheese come together beautifully. Who said you can't entertain if you're watching your weight?
Grilled Turkey-wrapped Chicken Poppers
Salmon Pizza On Naan (Click tab for recipe)
Our favortie one on the menu, the super-lean salmon which is rich in good fatty acids is recommended by most nutritionists. This Pizza On Naan twist is a good way to make it filling enough for dinner time. 
Salmon Pizza On Naan kevin curry

BBQ Spinach Meatballs
It's all about iron, baby! Packed with spinach which helps curb cravings and impulse snacking, and a good portion of meat of your choice makes this recipe a hit with many of Kevin's fans. 



BBQ Chicken Wrapped Asparagus
Served with a side of red potatoes, this lunch-hour meal will keep you full for a good four hours before you feel peckish again.

What You Will Love 

Recipes are broken down into lunch/breakfast/dinner, offer tips for working within any meal planning budget, provide carb and protein content and much more. The meal planning section, where Kevin portions out meals for all five days, is a big help for those of us who are trying to balance healthy eating with a busy schedule.

Check out this $75 budgeted meal prep plan for a full week of healthy eats:
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