Here’s Why We Love The Revenge Body!

by Charlene Flanagan

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But in this case, we’d rather have it hot! Khloe Kardashian spotlighted a secret that women have shared all along—nothing motivates you to drop the pounds and whip yourself into shape than a jilted, broken heart.

For long known as the “Fat One” of the Kardashian clan, one look at her on the cover of Women’s Health or even her Complex magazine spread, and you’ll know that she’s now got a body most women would kill for! But, Khloe told the magazine that her 35lb weight loss wasn’t just about her exes: “Yeah, it’s a revenge body. But it’s just as much for all my critics who called me ‘the fat one’ for my entire existence.”

To All The Haters, We’re Bringing Sexy Back & Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now!

  • First things first, don’t be fooled into thinking that only women can stake claim to the revenge body.
    The world is full of heart breakers, and men suffer at the hands of women, just as much.
  • Secondly, understand why this can serve as a great motivator in order to rise to the challenge.
    Think back to when someone really hurt you—it could have been a backhanded compliment; the love of your life decided you weren’t right for them anymore; you were made fun of because you were chubby; you were told you simply couldn’t do something (like lose weight), no matter how hard you tried. Turn that hurt to rage to prove your detractors wrong.
  • You can be one of two people: the girl/boy that sulks in front of the TV or drinks in the middle of the afternoon; or, the one who reinvents him/herself and gets back out there, stronger and better than ever.
    Truth is, we tend to put on some weight when we are in a stable relationship. Your partner’s eating habits influence yours, and the regular wine and dine sure takes on a toll of its own. Now once the relationship hits rock bottom, you’re not just alone, you’re heavier, emotionally unstable and stalking their Facebook and Instagram feed. Joining the gym or signing up for a class will keep you busy, work as a mood elevator, and also help you meet new people (maybe even a potential partner, who knows?).

The #RevengeBody is a very real thing, and in fact, it can be a great thing if you channel your pent up frustration the right way. The thrill of kickboxing, the adrenaline of pumping iron and lifting weights, and even the resonance of a ‘survivor’ song on your playlist while you run is extremely therapeutic.

When something bad happens you have one of three choices: You can either let it define you; let it destroy you; or, let it strengthen you!

PS: Be sure to snap that fabulous revenge body when you reach the end of the road, and just remember, not everyone you lose is a loss, okay good lookin’?

Image Via Instagram/Khloe Kardashian

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