Metabolic syndrome. If you have noticed, these two words have been flooding the pages of Z Living for almost a month now. And for good reason! Did you know that a third of American adults suffer from metabolic syndrome? In simpler terms, they are more susceptible to lifestyle and weight-related conditions like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

It’s A Sign

  • Too much belly fat (waist size 40 inches or 102 cm in men, or 35 inches or 88 cm in women, or larger)
  • High blood pressure or hypertension
  • Unusually high levels of blood fats or lipids, including cholesterol and triglycerides
  • High blood sugar or hyperglycemia

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you, dear reader, could be suffering from what is known as metabolic syndrome. Now, we have already covered a variety of cardio exercises to help keep your weight in check, which is one of the biggest contributors; we have even given you some fun water sports to stay heart-healthy (another risk factor).


Now, let’s look at it from the diet aspect of things. The idea is to combine the consumption of brown fat with a nutritious weight loss to deal with metabolic syndrome on a primary level. Keep this table in front of you until you find yourself inherently programmed to follow the steps. It will help turn white fat, which stores excess calories (associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome), into calorie-burning brown fat:

Plan Of Action Desired Results
Make It A Point To Eat An Apple Regularly According to researchers at the University of Iowa, the ursolic acid that’s present in the peel of an apple actually boosts brown fat, making it easier to burn calories at an accelerated rate.
Exercise Is A Must Right from heart disease and stroke, to diabetes and high blood pressure, you would’ve opened yourself to a pool of life-altering conditions, unless you manage to keep yourself in the safe zone of metabolic syndrome. Keep your weight in check and regulate your metabolism through exercise.
Don’t Starve Or Overeat Healthy eating doesn’t necessarily mean cutting calories. It simply means being mindful and making healthier food choices. In fact, studies have shown how drastically reducing your calorie intake prevents white fat from turning into brown fat. What you need to do is to eat the same amount (enough to satiate your hunger), but choose a healthier prep and opt for organic leafy greens. Also, avoid the unwanted sugar and saturated fats.
 Expose Yourself To Colder Climes Okay, maybe not literally but turning down the thermostat might help you lose the weight. A study concluded that subjects with lower-than-average amounts of active brown fat burn more calories in the cold compared with normal indoor temperatures.

On an end note, understand that exercise and diets are not just about weight loss. They are both formidable contenders that can improve the quality of your life, relieve stress, prevent diseases, and make a big difference to all aspects of your life. Don’t wait for tomorrow, or Monday, on next week; get with the program, now!

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