Metabolism is an essential component for effective weight loss, but unfortunately, it starts slowing down by the time you hit 25 by a crucial two percent.

It may seem like very little, but consider this: 25 is the age you more likely than not, settle into a desk job. Your physical activity takes a nosedive and your stress levels are on an upward swing. Gym time is replaced by mid-week drinks (because, of course you need to unwind), and you’re a lot less vain and conscious about your physical appearance.

Now here’s the clincher, 10 years later and your metabolic rate reduces by an additional two percent. If you thought intense workouts were only meant for young lads and lasses, it’s time to re-evaluate. Sure, the younger lot lose weight faster because their metabolism is at an optimal level, but this just means you need to work twice as hard in the larger scheme of things. Make note that a slow metabolism translates to muscle loss and increase in fat retention.

With age come specific diseases and conditions, and the body’s inability to endure wear and tear. At this point, exercising is not just about having a fit body, but about mental well-being and an immunity boost too.

Add metabolism-boosting foods, yoga asanas to elevate your practice, sidestep pitfalls that will slow down your body’s natural process, and use some tricks to kick-start your metabolism every morning.

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