The Latest Trend In Celebrity Fitness Gear Is A Rib Cracker

by Trina Remedios

Exercising needs commitment and determination; diet needs discipline; yoga needs patience; and liposuction needs, well, guts?

Spotted on Instagram is the latest fitness trend in Hollywood, one that aims to give the leading ladies an hour glass figure, shifting focus to a rounded set of booties and buxoms.

With the waist size almost disproportionately smaller, it kind of feels like a throwback to the Victorian era. Why? Because that’s exactly what it is.

Say hello to the closet corset-ers Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Snooki. This ancient style is finding its way back in 2015, among celebrities who are gunning to shrink their waist in pursuit of the perfect figure, that’s rounded and fuller in all the right places.

The unique form of shape wear is uncomfortable to say in the least, can cause breathlessness, and dehydration too. You will notice an increase in body temperature and a feeling of overexertion.

Sure, it is a great garment to improve your posture, but fast-forward to the 21st century, and you have celebrities strapping them on while they workout, to gain body tone and increase perspiration.

From kickboxing and doing yoga to running the treadmill or indulging in some weight training, this waist-slimming garment is the latest accessory to have in one’s closet.

It may be taking the whole idea of perfectly toned abs too far, don’t you think? Why not try these good old celebrity workouts that help you achieve the form with just plain exercise?

Image Courtesy: Snooki/Kim Kardashian/Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

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