Lose The 2lb Holiday Weight In 2 Days With This Detox Meal Plan

by Trina Remedios

We told you all about The Party Trick: A Proven Way To Avoid Weight Gain Despite Loading Up On Treats yesterday. We also handed you the 7 Tips For 7 Days To Drop A Dress Size by New Year’s Eve earlier this week.

Now, this post is for those who missed the memos; the one’s who are scrambling to lose the holiday weight they packed on while eating Christmas cookies, mashed potatoes and cheesy bakes. Shedding significant amount of fat on such short notice is not quite possible but, dropping the 2lb rise you’ve racked up overnight because you’ve been pigging out, is!

Here are two ways to go about it.

The Detox Flush/Cleanse
Juice cleanses are the latest in detox diets.You should drink nothing but pressed or fresh juices extracted from fruits and vegetables for the next two days. Juices require less of the stomach’s digestive process, and the nutrient-rich concoctions help repair the gut and allow food to be assimilated quickly through the intestines. Going on a juice cleanse means you’re automatically eliminating dairy, gluten, fermented, and processed food. A juice cleanse re-hydrates the body and energizes it. “The pros of juice cleanses are short-term weight loss and perhaps a renewed commitment to healthier eating,” says Lyn-Genet Recitas, nutrition expert and Executive Director of Nutrition, The Plan & LG Kitchen.

Here’s a consolidated guide on the different juice and detox cleanses you can choose from, complete with step-by-step tutorials, and some delish recipes, too.

juice cleanses

That said, going on a liquid diet, even for just two days, is not for everybody. In fact, feeling low on energy, getting acidic, and having headaches are very real repercussions you may face. If this low-cal master cleanse is not quite up your alley, try a low-cal meal plan instead.

The 1230-Calorie Diet
Aimed at flushing out toxins and regulating calories so that your body uses stored fat, the 1230 meal plan is packed with fat-burning foods that are chosen to keep you feeling full for long periods of time.

  • Breakfast: Have a banana or a refreshing blueberry smoothie that amounts to less than 250 calories. These will help supercharge your day, or even your workout, and keep you satiated till lunch, so long as you grab a few snacks mid-morning.
  • Snacks: When you are hungry between meals, take your pick from low-calorie snacks like carrot sticks or celery with hummus, fruits with honey/yogurt, unsalted nuts or seeds, edamame, kelp, kale, a hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, half an avocado, or sugar-free ice popsicles.
  • Lunch: Salads prove to be an effective way of getting one’s fill of protein and fiber, without loading up on unhealthy fats. When designed smartly, they make for a substantial meal and score a lot higher on the satiety scale than soup, and a lot lower on the calorie count than a main. Weight Watcher, Here Are The Rules To Order A Truly Low-Cal Salad #LikeABoss. It makes for the perfect nutrient-packed meal that will fill you up, elevate your fiber intake, and help you stay under 250 calories.
  • Dinner: Try and keep your dinner protein-rich. Focus on healthy preps and low-cal ingredients: Barbecue over fried, grilled over glazed, spice-rubbed over butter-infused. You also have the option of picking whole wheat or multi-grain breads that have higher fiber content; don’t forget to load up on the veggies! Here are our favorite low-calorie recipes.

Supplement the detox meal plan with some negative calories foods, weight loss teas, and hearty soups, and you will be well on your way to dropping those 2lb in two days.

PS: Here’s an exhaustive list of Diets For Weight Loss.
Also, head here to catch the latest in Fitness Trends.

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