Did You Know? Milk Is Great For Weight Loss & Muscle Tone

by Trina Remedios

From green tea to black coffee—and all of the other little changes you’re making to eliminate milk from your diet, is all really pointless.

According to The Dairy Council, whole milk has 3.9% fat (ie, contains 3.9g fat per 100g), semi-skimmed milk has 1.7% fat, 1% fat milk has 1% fat, and skimmed milk has 0.3% fat. Even at the highest level, milk is less fattening than the fruit juices those on a diet consume.

Also, a moderately active individual needs about 2,000-2,600 calories per day—a count, having even three tall glasses of milk couldn’t significantly contribute to.

Plus the high dose of calcium in milk increases the body’s core temperature, which results in weight loss. This coupled with whey proteins makes the body drop the fat in favor of lean muscle mass, so those who are weight training should seriously consider adding milk to their diet.

The truth is, those who consume moderate portions of milk every day, tend to be slimmer than those who don’t. Enough said.

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