Oprah’s Weight Loss Tricks And Tips

by Charlene Flanagan
Everyone's been talking about Winfrey's 26lb weight-loss story with Weight Watchers, and you've got to give it to her—at 62, that's a commendable feat. She's not just invested in the company but been a model example, and that's got everyone all ears when she talks about working with the program. After all, when you make an investment in nutrition, you're definitely making healthy life choices. And oprah's done just that.

If you're looking to lose weight, and a significant amount at that, you might want to steer clear of those "lose weight fast" crash diets, and instead, view your weight loss program not as a diet, but rather as healthy meal planning.

A live web-call for Weight Watchers with the bread-loving enthusiast led to these five awesome and easy-to-use tips:

No 1: Seafood Should Be Your Go-To Protein To Lose Weight

There’s no doubt that fish is the go-to protein for a lot of people who are trying to lose weight. Seafood keeps you full for longer periods and is way more lean than not just red meat, but chicken, too. Fish, in particular, contain high amounts of protein and good fatty acids which influence serotonin, a key hormone that controls one's appetite. Also, when you can take your pick from prawns, lobster, scampi, scallops and the like, how can it ever feel like a diet? As for Oprah, she loves her barramundi (Asian Sea Bass) and cod. You could go for Chilean sea bass or salmon too, but they're just slightly fattier.

No 2: You Won't Need That Bag Of Chips If You've Tried Jicama 

Let’s be honest, once you pop that bag open, there’s just no stopping. A large part of why we keep going back for more is that delectable crunch which can easily be replaced with healthier alternatives like kale chips, carrot chips, turnip chips, beet chips and even apple chips. "I personally love jicama because you get a crunch," says Oprah. The pedestrian name for this vegetable is yam beans. About 100g of the complex carb contains as much as 4.9g dietary fiber and only 38 calories; it's also diabetic-friendly. The next time you're at the supermarket, go find jicama and bring it home!

No 3: Make Your Own Diet Pasta Using Spaghetti Squash

It's safe to say that your imagination can only take you so far when it comes to eating spaghetti squash instead of real spaghetti. The vegetable alternative doesn’t come close to the real deal and sometimes you just want yummy food. Mix a small portion of real noodles, recommends Oprah. The key is to closely monitor your calories. If your quota for the day allows it, even adding 3/8 cups can make you a happy camper. Cheat, but in moderation; everyone deserves a free pass now and then.

No 4: Nuturitious Mashed Potato Switcheroo

Give me a side of mashed potatoes on the side of... well, mashed potatoes. The rich, buttery and creamy indulgence is incomparable and makes for the perfect companion with steak or sautéed veggies. Want a healthier alternative? Try cauliflower mash. It really is just as delicious and yet so light on the stomach and low on calories. All that you may miss is the creamy texture. Well, sneak one potato into the cauliflower mix and it'll be as silky and smooth as the real thing. Oprah makes this for her guests all the time; just a whole head of cauliflower with one potato. 

No 5: Drink Plenty Of Water

This one's a piece of advice you've heard time and over because it really works. Drinking plenty of water is part of any healthy weight loss plan. Did you know that increasing one’s water intake (to over 1 liter) can result in an additional 2kg (4.4lb) of fat loss? It helps you burn an additional 23 calories on a daily basis. Basically, drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated, aid digestion, make you feel more energized, and also have your skin looking gorgeous. Now if, like Oprah, you haven't been getting your daily fill, try flavored water or adding ginger and a hint of vanilla to the mix to make it a more tempting proposition.

Images Via Instagram/Oprah

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