Weight loss

Documenting your weight on an every day basis will give you better and more consistent weight loss results, says a study.
With 85 percent less fat and more protein than the regular alternative, this cheesy way to keep the calorie count in check is already creating a buzz.
The app offers a personal integrated health assessment and a variety of programs designed to help you reach any, or all of your fitness goals.
The latest measure of fitness lies in your ability to touch your belly button from the flip-side. Where are the skinny shamers when you need them? #ShutItDown!
According to research, adding high amounts of salt to high-fat diets reduces the efficiency of the digestive tract to extract calories from food.
A hot contender for pole position among the trendiest exercise programs, the Pound workout taps into your drummer and rock-star instincts.
The humble bean makes for the perfect addition in a weight watcher's meal plan. The key is to know how to eat them, and still avoid the bloating.
Rise to the occasion and let the app evaluate your eating habits, keep you on track, and give you expert advice in order to lose weight in a healthy and paced manner.
Proven to be effective, you can indulge for five days in the week, but have to considerably restrict your calorie intake on two days.
“I still make it a point to be very active. Doing something, hiking, going for a run, lifting weights, boxing, doing things like that...," says Underwood.