Weight loss

The humble bean makes for the perfect addition in a weight watcher's meal plan. The key is to know how to eat them, and still avoid the bloating.
Rise to the occasion and let the app evaluate your eating habits, keep you on track, and give you expert advice in order to lose weight in a healthy and paced manner.
Proven to be effective, you can indulge for five days in the week, but have to considerably restrict your calorie intake on two days.
“I still make it a point to be very active. Doing something, hiking, going for a run, lifting weights, boxing, doing things like that...," says Underwood.
Load up on the wonder food, and you will forever reap the rewards of its high fiber and water content, both of which help flush out the toxins from your body and skin.
We sincerely hope Beyoncé and her trainer would focus on promoting her exercise routine instead of the gimmicky #22DaysVegan challenge.
Putting the calorie count and fat content on the label can create awareness about the food, in turn helping you make healthier choices.
Im2Calories is an artificial intelligence software that uses algorithms to estimate the number of calories in your Instagram food photos.
Make room for the Skulpt Aim, a $200 handheld, water-resistant gadget designed to accurately track how toned your body is.
You think having a thigh gap makes you more desirable? Well, men beg to differ! Here's the verdict on this ridiculous weight-loss trend.