Weight loss

With this plan, you will be able to lose a significant amount of weight in a short span of time without feeling weak, dehydrated, or lacking in nutrition.
In extreme cases, drinking too much water can prove to be fatal. Even when it comes to drinking water while you workout, there is an upper limit.
About 91 percent of the fruit is just water. With just 1g fat in a cup-full, here's why watermelons come highly recommended for those trying to lose weight.
You should be eating for two—this statement has led many pregnant women astray. If you don't want to struggle with weight loss after delivery, here's what you need to know.
They’ve become very popular among the health conscious as an easy meal replacement or a quick snack when they’re on the go. But the question is, are they any good?
Find out how she did it and take your pick from a host of other weight-loss mind tricks that help you stick to your diet and lose weight consistently.
In this series, we will spotlight everyday foods and strip them down to show you how they're detrimental to your weight-loss plan. Low-fat yogurt? More like big fat liar!
While you may be milking the weight-loss benefits of this beverage, it does come with a slight disclaimer—drinking it at the right time of the day.
They work particularly well to take you from one meal to another, or for those midnight cravings. But, there is a limitation on how many you can eat.
For those who are battling the bulge, it is important to differentiate between being mildly heavier and life-threateningly overweight.