Experts suggest that, on an average, you need only 300 calories more per day when you’re pregnant than you did before your pregnancy. Kathy Jisel Maroun, a personal trainer and childbirth educator associated with Dr Sears Wellness Institute, summarizes what The American College Of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have to say. “During pregnancy, the last thing one should do is shed pounds. It is a crucial time in the fetus’ development and losing weight is contraindicated (even with women who are classified as obese). Instead, we advise you to eat healthier (more fruits and vegetables) and less fast food and dishes containing hydrogenated oils.”

If you are obese, Maroun suggests you gain about 11lb as compared to a woman with an average weight, who can gain 25-35lb.

But what happens if your weight can raise the stake of gestational diabetes or other complications? It seems like weight loss is unavoidable in such circumstances. Right?

Dr Daniel Roshan, director of ROSH Maternal-Fetal Medicine, explains, “Extreme diet and weight loss is not recommended during pregnancy.” However, he does suggest exercises to lose weight, since dieting by itself might not be enough to avoid excessive weight gain. Walking, jogging, running on the treadmill and swimming are all good options. During pregnancy, one should avoid over-exercising or increasing body temperature. Those who are above their ideal body weight should calculate the number of pounds they can safely gain depending upon their ideal body weight.”

Light exercises work well for mommy and baby in general. Here’s our guide for new moms to stay fit during pregnancy and take a cue from celebrities and their post-pregnancy workouts.

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