Smart Foods: Avocado For Weight Loss

by Trina Remedios

Avocado is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium and fiber. In short, it’s like a wonder food for those of you who are trying to lose weight. It also reduces the risk of cancer, arthritis and heart disease.

Here are some quick facts that will make you want to use avocado, in more than just guacamole:

Nutritional Stats
About 100gm of avocado contains 23 percent fat, 28 percent fiber, 16 percent vitamin C, 15 percent vitamin B, and 13 percent potassium.

The Power Of Carbs: Feeling full is the key to avoid impulse eating, and nothing satisfies one’s appetite more than carbs; trade the chips in favor of stuffed avocado snacks instead.

Good Cholesterol: A diet that is rich in avocado, works wonders for your cholesterol levels. This vegetable is a good source of monounsaturated fats, which is basically good cholesterol that is instrumental in lowering bad cholesterol.

Soaks Excess Calories: The high fiber content in avocado is what mainly contributes to weight loss, and helps control blood sugar levels. It also regulates the digestive system by improving your body’s ability to flush out waste.

So if you want to make avocado a part of your everyday food, but don’t understand how, we’ve got some recipes of soups, ceviche, salads, and even mousse that you could try out.

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