Smart Foods: Eggs For Weight Loss

by Trina Remedios

Eggs are a storehouse of vitamins A, B, D, iron, protein, folate and selenium. But, one 38g egg contains 54 calories, and when it is boiled the calorie count goes up. Here’s what it means for the person who is trying to lose weight:

Crave No More: Eat two eggs for breakfast and you won’t be reaching for the candy bar that’s tucked in your draw. Eggs prevent food cravings and make you feel full for longer. In fact, some studies suggest that you could consume about 400 calories lesser per day, just by eating eggs for breakfast.

Cholesterol Control: Eggs have developed a bit of a bad reputation for their high level of cholesterol. The truth is, your body has a way of automatically regulating cholesterol, so any additional intake from an external source will lead to the body producing less of its own.

No Fatty Issues: With just about 5g of fat in a medium-sized egg, you really needn’t count the calories of your breakfast. Eat the yolk and the whites, but keep the preparation simple. It’s the frying and butter scrambling that makes you put on weight; not the eggs.

Muscle Power: Eggs are great for those who are strength training and lifting weights as they are rich in high quality protein. They also have all eight amino acids which speed the recovery process in case of injury.

Now that you have your facts straight, stop worrying about your breakfast choices and add eggs to the list, thrice a week. Eating in moderation of course, stands true, no matter what the food or ingredient.

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