Smart Foods: This Fall, Load Up On Butternut Squash For Weight Loss

by Charlene Flanagan

If you’re looking to lose weight, the cooler months are perhaps the best time to make the most of weight loss. Why? It’s simple. Your body has to burn more energy (read: calories) to keep your core temperature up, which means that you’re losing weight quicker than you normally would.

However, this also means that you’re hungrier than usual, and are more likely to binge uncharacteristically. So, if you feel the hunger pangs coming on, why not snack on something a little more attuned to the season?

Butternut Squash For Weight Watchers
The winter fruit is the perfect go-to weight-loss food for the harvest season and here’s why:

  • Given that it is a seasonal fruit, it will be easily available, and quite economical, too
  • Nutritionally speaking, butternut squash has just 0.1g fat in every 100g
  • It is reputed for its high fiber content (3g in every 1/2cup of cooked squash). This means that even the smallest portions will keep you feeling full for longer
  • The highlight however, is that you’re consuming a mere 41 calories per 1/2cup. Of this, the 11g healthy carbs in the meal are what will fuel your winter workouts, should you feel like you’ve indulged just a tad bit too much.
  • The significant amount of dietary fiber also ensures a healthy bowel movement.

No Pain, Big Gains
If that’s not all, butternut squash is also a great source of beta-carotene, an antioxidant that will protect your body’s cells from damaging free radicals that age you. It also makes for a great save against workout injuries, as the beta-cryptoxanthin present in the fruit can act as an anti-inflammatory which helps combat pain and inflammation.

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