Smart Foods: Garlic For Weight Loss

by Trina Remedios

Chop it and toss it in your soup or soak it in vinegar or oil—garlic is more than a herb for the sniffles. It has numerous health benefits, but the most important one of course is that of weight loss.

Here’s why you should eat a whole clove, or maybe even two a day, despite the prospects of nasty garlic breath:

Functional Liver
In terms of weight loss, a liver that is stressed with excess alcohol and lack of water builds up fat, but a functional liver breaks it down instead. Garlic detoxes the body and helps regulate blood pressure, glucose levels, estrogen and testosterone. It is also the perfect diuretic, so it promotes the flushing of waste via urination.

Fat & Cholesterol
The allicin in garlic leads to the burning of fat—predominantly belly fat—and also gets rid of unhealthy cholesterol. The herb can boost your metabolism, and is recommended for those who take on intense workouts and weight-training sessions.

So add it to your food or knock it back with some lime water twice a day. For best results, finely chop or mash the garlic and leave it to rest for 10 minutes before you consume it. Oxygenating the garlic and having it raw is far more beneficial than the cooked version that loses its nutrients.

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