So here’s the problem. The advent of superfoods has taken away from the tried-and-tested weight loss remedies that revel in humble kitchen ingredients. To put the focus back where it belongs and open your eyes to an easily available variety of fat-burners, we bring you smart foods, and this time, we have pine nuts on our radar.

  • Nutritious and filling, they score high with their buttery texture and are very versatile, as they can be sprinkled on your salads, veggies and stirred up in your sauces too.
  • They work as an appetite suppressant as they stimulate the cholecystokinin (CCK) hormone in your body. CCK is said to increase the feeling of fullness, making you consume lesser calories.
  • The seeds (yes, they’re not nuts), also contain fatty acids that prevent you from storing fat around the mid-section. Make note that belly fat in particular, is considered the most harmful, which is why this weight loss benefit of pine nuts is all aces.
  • Giving you adequate magnesium, protein, iron and monounsaturated fats, pine nuts help spike your energy levels, which, when coupled with their appetite suppressing benefits act as a catalyst for weight loss.
  • The smart food is also packed with antioxidants that curb free radicals and prevent aging, doing everything in its control to keep you in the pink of health.

We’ve never understood why people waste money on expensive diet pills and fat burners. Look to nature’s bounty and you’re sure to find a resolve to your problems. Keep up with our smart foods series for more weight loss ingredients.

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