If you’re struggling to stick to your food plan and calorie count, get your better half on board. Two’s company, and good company at that, if you are trying to shed the pounds or want to become a regular at the gym.

Studies confirm what we always suspected: Partners can help each other make better lifestyle choices. Here are a few things you can do when gluttony, greed, and laziness come knocking.

Food-Wise: The person who cooks the meals can greatly affect the food habits of a household. Keep tabs on each other by comparing calorie counts at the end of a day, exchanging notes on what you ate at work, and surprising each other by making healthy meals using your partner’s favorite protein.

Man-Date: Studies also suggest that men are better at dieting than women. Don’t take offense; use it to your advantage. Mimicking his food habits may be the key to side-stepping your moody indulgences and depressive eating, if you’re likely to go down that road. Men also tend to prefer proteins, and if you can stick to lean meats as a couple, it’s an ideal diet for weight loss.

Get Moving: The likelihood of both of you not being in the mood to workout is far lesser than one of you trying to bail on gym. Mix it up by trying fitness routines that are fun, will help you connect, and will prompt some intimacy between the sheets later on. Consider couples yoga perhaps?

Get Sexy: Spotting each other at the gym, checking out his arms, peering at her collar bone, and watching each other sweat somewhere other than the bedroom can really get the fire going. Working out together heightens the attraction between partners, prompts them to stay in shape, and makes them more aware of their body.

This team effort is one that will serve you mentally, physically, and emotionally. United you get sexier, divided you hit the snooze button. Which couple would you rather be?

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