Super-Healthy Game Plan For The Super Bowl

by Z Living Staff

Beer, fried food, chips, dip and loads of entertainment are the ingredients typically found at a Super Bowl Sunday gathering. You either invite people over or head out for a game-day bash. But, is your weight watcher’s food plan going out the window with the first kickoff of the season?

Well, there are more ways to enjoy the game than stuffing your face with fried grub—and dear fitness lover, here are some wise words that will help you power through.

Pain Before Game
“Don't use the Super Bowl as an excuse to not exercise. The game won't start until that afternoon. Head to the gym as soon as you wake up,” says Shane Allen, a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist and weight loss specialist. The morning workout, he adds, will not only get you energized for the big day, but also give you time to think about what food choices you're going to make during the game.

“Starting the day with a good workout session ensures you'll burn more calories through the day and, more importantly, you won't have any excuses to skip the workout as the day gets busy,” says Juhea Kim, health expert and editor-in-chief of Peaceful Dumpling, the health and wellness website.

Your Own Super Bowl Challenge
Float the idea of playing a competitive training game during the match. Do 10 push-ups every time the team you’re rooting for scores a touchdown; those in the opposing team have to do 20. For every beer commercial, do jump squats for 30 seconds. The one unable to complete the challenge foots the bill for the beer in the next game.

“While your favorite team spends hours running around on the field, the least you can do is walk with them. Walk on the treadmill while you watch the game. By the time the game is over you would have burned around 900 calories,” says Allen.

Chase That Beer Down With Some Water
We’re not going to tell you to stay off the hooch, because c’mon, it’s the Super Bowl. But you should drink a glass of water for every mug of beer you chug. “Focus on drinking about 10-12 full glasses of water through the day. If you're conscious about trying to meet this goal, you'll naturally snack a lot less throughout the game,” says Kim.

“Make sure you drink more water than alcohol to dilute the toxins” adds Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, Medical Advisory Board Member of the Nutritional Magnesium Association.

You Don’t Need Diet Food, Just Better Prep
Serve baked chicken wingsburger pattiesshrimp cocktaildeli and barbecued meatspopcornvegetable sticks/platter, salad, guacamole, salsa, hummus and fresh fruit. That’s not a bad food line-up. Allen says: “Stick to whole foods and steer clear of anything that's sugary or processed. Avoid bread/buns, pizza, anything batter-fried; also, no potatoes, tortilla chips, pretzels, crackers or dessert.”

Stay Ahead Of The Game
Do not expect to find healthy, organic food at your friend’s Super Bowl bash. If you’re catching the game outside your house, be prepared to carry along a few options like hummus or barbecued meat, so you know you have something to eat there. If you think you will get tempted, have a full meal an hour before the party to avoid mindless snacking.

Lastly, keep it real. No, you’re not going to be able to ditch the hooch and flash-fried food this Super Bowl season—so just do what you can, and let your workout take care of the rest. Only other tip, try not to drink to the point of a hangover which will leave you with a ravenous appetite and no will to exercise the next day.

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