The Secret To Overcoming Motherhood’s Greatest Challenges

Fri, Aug 4th 2017

Abhijita Kulshrestha

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Z Living’s new show The Big Fat Truth explores the real reasons people gain weight. The show’s host JD Roth has spent his 15+ year career exploring these “big fat truths” while producing hit shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss. On the inaugural season of The Big Fat TruthRoth is proving the value of his wisdom by helping people from all walks of life transform their lives. Most recently, he zeroed in on our most important heroes—mothers.

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What The Big Fat Truth Is All About. 

Every week on The Big Fat TruthRoth focuses on a group of similar individuals. On the show’s first episode, he helped former contestants of The Biggest Loser abandon the weight they had regained since the show. Roth’s approach consists of placing these guests on whole food, plant-based diets for 90 days, and having each person look specifically at what contributes to their unhealthy lifestyle and how to eliminate it. 

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Bring In The Mothers. 

For the last episode of season one of The Big Fat TruthRoth brought in five mothers who had lost control of their diets and their lifestyles. Each guest had gained significant weight since being pregnant, and due to overwhelming schedules, messy houses, and issues of personal trauma, they found themselves out of touch with how to get healthy. Luckily, the diet and regimen proved to be the secret answer to these common motherhood challenges.

Here Are The Before and After Photos From The Big Fat Truth’s All-Star Mothers: 

Vivian Fulton Lost 30 lbs In Just 90 Days. She Also Overcame Diabetes!

Vivian Fulton received harsh news at the beginning of this week’s episode when JD Roth informed her that she was a diabetic. Unbeknownst to her prior, the diagnosis was a real wake-up call. Fulton said at the beginning of the episode, “For me, I can’t figure out how to time manage being a mom efficiently to make it work for me to be healthy.”

Helping Fulton analyze her schedule as a parent, Roth convinced her that she needed to make time to eat well and exercise. 90 days later, 30 lbs lighter, and diabetes-free, Fulton told Roth, “It’s not going to kill me to take an hour to go to the gym and work out.” It looks like a little reflection went a long way in regards to inspiring Fulton!

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Dehlia Ford Feliz Lost 30 lbs In 90 Days. She Also Cut 12 Inches Off Her Waistline!

Dehlia Ford Feliz had been using her recent pregnancy and new motherhood as an excuse to neglect her health when she joined the show. She told us in the intro meeting, “I’ve been breastfeeding my child… I guess I’ve been using that as an excuse to eat whatever I want.” 

The show is largely about helping people spin unhealthy mindsets and habits into new, positive actions. That’s exactly what Feliz did by fully committing to her whole food, plant-based diet, and by using motherhood as an excuse to exercise, by taking daily walks pushing her baby in the stroller. At the final meeting, she admitted, “I feel like me again, before I got pregnant and went on this crazy roller coaster of a ride.” 

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Lisa Clement Lost 27 lbs In 90 Days. She Also Got Over A Bad Cereal Habit!

Lisa Clement came to the show admitting that one of her biggest adversaries in the fight to live healthy was cereal. “I can eat a whole box of cereal in a day, sometimes more,” she told host JD Roth. She explained it was her late father’s favorite food, and then said, “I’m scared to let go of cereal, because of him [her dad].” 

In addition to creating a strict diet environment for Clement, JD Roth also spent time during the 90 days talking her through these mental hangups. The two of them worked together to help Clement realize that she can remember her father without harming herself. At the end, she said, “I look back at the person I was 90 days ago, and it’s just so sad, I mean it’s so sad… Now I feel like a whole new person!” 

Nancy Sacks Lost 15 lbs In 90 Days. She Also Cut 8 Inches Off Her Waistline!

It was apparent from the start that Nancy Sacks’ struggling health was a product of her environment. She said coming onto the show, “I want to be a great role model for my daughters. They have total sweet-tooth carb cravings.” 

One of Sacks’ biggest obstacles in taking on this 90-day health challenge was clearing out her cluttered, messy house. She did just that with Roth and her husband, and then went on to improve her diet and daily habits immensely. At the end of it all, she said, “I feel clean, and I feel healthy now and I’m in my size eights. And it feels amazing. 

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