Here's How These Overweight Chefs Found The Right Recipe For Weight Loss

by The Z Living Editors

Chefs are professional eaters. They know how to make great food, and demand perfection. They taste every dish. They love food. And sometimes it shows — to the point that there's even a dangerous stereotype that chefs should be overweight. And this is exactly what host JD Roth looks at when working with four overweight, unhealthy chefs on Z Living's newest unscripted show The Big Fat Truth.

"What happens when catering to others takes a toll on your health?" Roth asks. "I look at you guys — you know what to make! You know how to make food that would be good for you. But you don't do it. Why is that?"

The Big Fat Truth delves into the real reasons people gain weightso these four chefs ​are facing the tough consequences of years of tasting, and eating all the time. Luckily, Roth has the recipe for success.

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JD Roth Set The Record Straight For These Professional Eaters


Roth’s weight loss philosophy consists of addressing the psychological reasons why his guests are struggling with their health, and then putting them on a whole food, plant-based diet for 90 days. This approach has resulted in some incredible success stories...but only if participants fully commit to changing their unhealthy lifestyles.

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Only 2 Of The 4 Chefs Made It Through The 90-Day Big Fat Truth Program

This was the first time in Roth’s television career that half of his participants failed to complete a weight-loss regimen. But there's still something to learn with every chef’s story. 

Chef Maleeka
Lost 17 lbs in 10 Days!

Maleeka came to the show with some emotional baggage, having lost her mother to poor health. “We were exercising like six months before she died, and it was just too late… I don’t eat for the health of it. I just want to feel good. It’s just a high.” 

She did stick with the plan for a little while, and lost 17 lbs in 10 days! Unfortunately, she didn’t stick with it to the end. Her story does show all of us though, that getting healthy is an uphill battle, and before you can do it, you need to take the time to get your head in a good place. 

Chef Krystine

Krystine came onto the show to discover that she was a pre-diabetic. Shocked, and overworked, she seemed ready to make a change. “I’m a white-carbs and sugar lover,” she told us. “I really need this,” she continued, “I’m looking for this structure and these rules.”

Unfortunately, the rules and that structure proved to be too much for Krystine’s lifestyle. She started ghosting Roth in the middle of the program, and didn’t come back. Roth hasn’t lost hope, though. He says, “I’m not giving up on her. Krystine, as far as I’m concerned, you can start anytime.” 

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These Two Chefs Really Made A Change. Check Out Their Before & After Photos!


Chef Wes Liberher
Lost 36 lbs In 90 Days, And Dropped His Triglyceride Count By Over 75%!

A nationally-recognized hard-working chef, Liberher had been neglecting his health for some time before coming onto The Big Fat Truth. “Lately, I feel like there’s something wrong,” he said, “like I’m not going to be around for a long time.” At this point, he had the highest triglyceride count that Roth had ever seen, and had to see a doctor on the first day of the program. 

Liberher took the program in stride and put up phenomenal numbers, bringing his cholesterol and triglyceride counts down even lower than average! His figure changed, and he even added a plant-based option at his Los Angeles-based restaurant, Beer Belly

“It’s not just about the physical part, it’s about the mentality of taking care of yourself. So, I’ll be in the 'big fat truth' lifestyle for the rest of my life," he said. 

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Chef Melanie Barsuk
Lost 20 lbs in 90 Days. That’s 11% Of Her Starting Weight!

Barsuk noticed that she had to make a life change before coming onto the show. “I do carry my weight around my midsection,” she told us. “That’s where all the organs are, so it’s not even a vanity thing, it’s a health risk.” 

Eager to turn things around for herself, Barsuk was disappointed to find out how it had to happen. “I was poking holes into the whole food, plant-based diet from the get-go, and that was the whole self-sabotaging thing that I always do. The minute I was aware of it, that’s when you can flip it.” And flip it, she did, losing 20 pounds!

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