Can 6 Former 'Biggest Losers' Lose The Weight They've Regained?

by The Z Living Editors

Z Living's newest original unscripted series The Big Fat Truth (premiering June 11) is on a mission to find some big fat truths about weight loss — starting with why so many people regain weight they've lost.

On the premiere episode, the show's creator and host, JD Roth (at right), brings in six former contestants from the The Biggest Loser. The six collectively lost 630 lbs. on the show, but then regained the weight (and more!). Roth plans to dig deep to figure out why.

Watch a sneak peek of the The Big Fat Truth's premiere episode participants in the video above — including Ryan Benson, who won the first season of The Biggest Loser.

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Creator & Host JD Roth Has Found A 'Big Fat Truth' About Weight Loss

Roth is the former executive producer of Extreme Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser, as well as the author of The Big Fat Truth, the book that this new series is based on. His former Biggest Loser participants were of particular interest because Roth — as the tough-love Dad behind their celebrated weight loss — he was dismayed to hear of the return of the pounds.

“They started The Biggest Loser unfit, unhealthy and unhappy. Then, they finished The Biggest Loser hopeful, skinny, fit and ready to take on the world. But somewhere along the way, their old habits crept back in. And unfortunately, so did the pounds,” says Roth.

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In the premiere episode of The Big Fat Truth, Roth will work with the six former contestants for 90 days, to help them lose weight again. He’ll then work with teachers, type 2 diabetics, moms, nurses and more during the rest of the series.

Roth's style is never to sugarcoat the truth. "Every fat person knows that you need to move more and eat less to shed pounds. No exactly rocket science," Roth says in the book. "Yet that simple formula doesn't get to the root of what makes someone top out at 500 pounds or sometimes just carry an extra fifty. The big fat truth is that the secret to weight loss is what's in your head."

The Big Fat Truth airs Sundays at 8pm ET on Z Living, premiering June 11.

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