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Z Living's newest show, The Big Fat Truthis a must-see, and that's why we're making the second episode — featuring five overweight teachers in need of a big lesson in Health 101 — available for everyone, right here. Watch all-new episodes Sundays at 8pm, only on Z Living. Check availability in your area below. 

Here's Why You've Gotta See This Episode:

On The Big Fat Truth, Roth digs into some big fat truths about weight loss to figure out the real reasons why his show participants can't lose weight. In the episode above, Roth works with five overweight teachers, tasked with educating students from kindergarten to high school, some of whom were additionally dealing with codependency issues, fast-food addictions, and heavy emotional baggage.

The good news? These professional educators were fast learners! And their results were nothing short of incredible. 

Here's Where You Can Watch The Big Fat Truth On Z Living:

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What If My Cable Provider Doesn't Carry The Z Living Network?

If the Z Living Network isn't carried on your cable provider, reach out to them and tell them that you want to watch Z Living! Believe us, they listen! Here's how to get in touch.
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Join The Thousands Taking The Big Fat Truth's Big Fat 30 Day Challenge:

30 days to help you feel good again. 30 days to jump-start you into a whole new way of living. Isn't your overall quality of life worth a month of hard work?

When you make just one little change each day, it's not that hard. In conjunction with The Big Fat Truth, host JD Roth designed The Big Fat 30 Day Challenge so that everyone has access to the transformative lifestyle changes that the show participants experience, as well as access to tips that he knows really, truly work. Whether you're overweight, dealing with a health issue, or just need that boost to get your healthier lifestyle started, take on our 30-day #BigFatChallenge today.

Here's What You'll Get:

Every day for a month, you'll receive tips and a video straight from Roth to your inbox, all aimed at making little changes to your exercise routine, eating habits, and outlook on life. Sign up now, it's fast and free!

Sign Up For The Big Fat 30 Day Challenge Now 

Watch The Big Fat Truth Sundays at 8PM, with special encore presentations Tuesdays at 8PM.


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