Lesson Learned! See The Amazing Weight Loss Of 5 Teachers

by The Z Living Editors

Z Living's new show The Big Fat Truth is a all about the real reasons people gain weight —​ and in this case, despite their role as educators, these teachers have lost control of their own bodies and health. Lucky for them, show host JD Roth is coming in with 15+ years of weight-loss expertise (as the former executive producer of shows The Biggest Loser and Extreme Weight Loss) and he's ready to teach the teachers.

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JD Roth Schools Teachers In Some Big Fat Truths About Their Health 

In this episode, Roth worked with five overweight teachers, tasked with educating students from kindergarten to high school, some of whom were additionally dealing with codependency issues, fast-food addictions, and heavy emotional baggage. Roth coached each one through these mental barriers, while also placing each of them on a strict whole food, plant-based diet for 90 days.

The good news? These professional educators were fast learners! And their results were nothing short of incredible. 

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Here Are The ‘Before’ And ‘After’ Photos From The Big Fat Truth’s Teacher Feature: 

Cherrell Harris Lost 40 lbs In Just 90 Days. That’s 16% Off Her Starting Weight!

At the beginning of the episode, Roth informed Harris that her preliminary tests found her to be prediabetic. Harris admitted off the bat that she had a habit of binge eating sweets with her sister. “If I see her eating unhealthy foods, than I’m going to do the same thing,” she said. 

To nip this problem, Roth met with both Harris and her sister to get them both on the same page. But her sister couldn't quite commit, so Harris had to make a choice about her health goals...on her own. 40 lbs light, Harris says, “This is the first time I can honestly say that I’ve done something without my sister leading me. I have been co-dependent on other people for approval, but now I don’t care.” 

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Johnny Giovati Lost 28 lbs In Just 90 Days. And He Lost 9’’ Off His Waist!

Johnny Giovati came onto The Big Fat Truth with one of the lowest starting weights, but also with the worst eating habits. He said, “When I go to any restaurant, it’s always high-fat, high-butter. So, anything that’s got cheese or butter in it, I’m always down for.” 

That cheesey, buttery fantasy Giovati was basking in ended quickly with Roth’s prescription of a whole food, plant-based diet. In addition to trimming nine inches off his waistline, the switch also gave Giovati a new confidence. “I think my Big Fat Truth is that I’m worthy of having success. I know whatever I put my mind to, there’s a way to get there.” 

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Jenny Calahan Lost 31 lbs In Just 90 Days. That’s 14% Weight Loss!

Jenny Calahan came onto the show with some health issues, including a swollen liver that could’ve caused a number of illnesses for her. She also had a tough time trying the plant-based diet (and admitted to cheating with a chicken dinner one night!). On day five, she stated, “I have to be honest, it’s been tough for me… I’ve always been taught and told that you have meat in your diet.”

Like all of Roth’s "students," Calahan came to find that change can be good when you have an open mind, especially to something so healthy. She had some of the most successful numbers of the episode, and promised us at the end that, “This is going to be a lifetime commitment for me… I’m really proud that I could stick with it.” 

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Briana Kramer Lost 30 lbs In 90 Days. And She Conquered Her Emotional Eating Problem!

Briana Kramer developed a habit of eating junk food with her students throughout the day, which lead to her weight issues. She took to Roth’s wisdom after their first meeting, admitting, “This food is not fueling me, it’s putting the band aids on emotional wounds."

That realization struck home, even through some emotional trials Kramer faced going through her diet and exercise routines. Coming out of it, she said, “This journey definitely, in terms of emotions, it’s opened me up quite a bit… I think it’s probably good to let myself feel things, instead of trying to hide it with food. I’m not doing that anymore.” 

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Lisa Jacobsen Lost 41 lbs In 90 Days. That’s 18% Off Her Starting Weight! 

When Roth met Lisa Jacobsen, he told her that her LDL — an unhealthy form of cholesterol — was at one of the highest counts they had ever seen. This affected Jacobsen deeply, who said, “If I don’t start caring about myself, I leave my husband and my six kids and my grandkids.”

Clearly a woman who cares deeply for her life and family, Jacobsen committed fully to Roth’s coaching, workouts, and plant-based diet. She lost more weight than anyone, and told the team at the final meeting, “I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in 50 years!” 

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