Remember back in February, when we introduced you to The Latest Trend In Celebrity Fitness Gear, Which Was A Rib Cracker? Well, it continues to stay strong, even though there’s no science or doctor to back up its claims.

To refresh your memory, say hello to closet corset-ers Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Snooki, all of whom use waist trainers while they workout in order to get that hour glass figure, for a significantly pronounced booty and bosom.

A throwback to the Victorian era, the unique form of shape wear is uncomfortable to say in the least, and can cause breathlessness and dehydration too. You will notice an increase in body temperature and a feeling of overexertion, which is exactly what these poor boys were feeling, when Cosmopolitan had them try out waist trainers for the first time.

Let’s see: with amusing beginnings that had one chap say, “Is it weird that I’m not feeling my knees right now?”, to a fan boy admitting it improves his posture by straightening out his back, watch these men spill their guts as they take on the latest vanity insanity in weight loss.

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