Fitness Star: Eat To Lose Weight With YouTuber Brenda Lee Turner

by Trina Remedios
We've covered many workout gurus in our Fitness Star series (bikini body babes Anna Victoria and Kayla Itsines, yoga gurus Jessamyn Stanley and Adriene Mishler, and Pilates princess Cassey Ho, too).

Today we're going to spotlight YouTube vlogger Brenda Lee Turner of Lean Secrets to focus on your dietary needs. Why? Research suggests diet (not exercise) plays the bigger role  when it comes to keeping those pounds in check. And well, given that Brenda is a certified Life Coach and health-fitness specialist herself, the YouTuber has managed to rake up over 3.6 million subscribers who are devoted to her healthy eating video journal, just like we are.

We ❤: Her credible, no-frills delivery with to-the-point videos where she explains not just what you should be doing, but why you should be doing it. From healthy recipes to weight loss tips and demystifying contrived fitness jargon, Brenda addresses it all in videos segmented to target each topic individually so that it's easily understood. 

She's also authored The Lean Secrets cook book and exercise guide for those who want some in-depth guidance that goes beyond the videos. She believes one needs to eat (sensibly) to lose weight, not starve; now that's the fitness mantra of a healthy person we'd like to follow.

What You Can Expect:
  • Answers to burgeoning questions like why you're diet isn't working even though you are counting calories; or, why the same high protein diet has helped your friend lose weight  but is doing nothing for you.
  • Expert tips on how to customize your meals for more nutrition, fewer calories, and better health. From breakfast to dinner, she's got you covered with little twists on regular foods that can make all the difference to your waistline. 
  • Brenda also takes on trending topics like weight loss supplements, protein shakes, green smoothies and intermittent fasting. One mustn't follow fads blindly. To understand the right way to ride the tide of an ongoing weight loss trend, check first with Brenda, we say.
  • The reason most weight watchers keep coming back for more is because Brenda addresses questions not many other fitness vloggers do; because they lack the knowledge. So, knowing your metabolic type or learning how to increase Leptin (your feeling full hormone) are a few topics of interest that Brenda addresses for those who are interested. 
  • And of course, she has a deep roster of workout videos to supplement your clean eating lifestyle so don't you worry about the exercise bit either. Boxing for Bikini Season, Metabolic Conditioning Workouts, Hotel Exercises, Best Butt Workouts... Brenda has everything and more to keep you physically active. 

What You Will Love:
Just, everything. Really! If you're someone who is serious about losing weight, subscribing to the Lean Secrets YouTube channel is a good way to educate and motivate yourself. Most times knowledge is power so just by knowing how cooking a certain way, eating certain foods or holding the right exercise form can help you lose weight will give you the desired results a lot faster than when you're doing it yourself.  

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