Why Running Makes You Poop — And 10 Ways To Deal

Wed, Jun 14th 2017

Z Living Staff

If your morning run makes you run for the toilet, you're not alone. “Come on, you can make it… the little store’s just right up the road. Hold it. Oh my God, it hurts to hold it.” If this sounds all too familiar, then you’ve probably experienced the “pinch and hold” move perfected by many runners. A review in the International SportMed Journal about gastrointestinal problems in runners reported that studies have found between 30 and 83 percent of runners are affected by GI disturbances. Simply put, many people feel the need to poop while running or shortly after they finish their ...

Running For An Hour Can Add 7 More To Your Life, Says A New Study

Wed, Apr 12th 2017

Z Living Staff

None of us may actually know the exact day we're going to die, but it's at least a little comforting to know that certain activities might push that date-of-doom back further. It's like creating your own piggy bank of life hours to guarantee some sort of longevity. Well, regular running might be your answer according to a new study published last month in Progress in Cardiovascular Disease. As the researchers determined, just an hour of running could add about 7 more hours to your life. Adopting healthier lifestyle habits to prolong your life is the basis of our popular show Change The Day You Die. Each episode features one lucky person who rewrites their future by making changes to live a healthier life. Find out where you can tune ...

Lady Gaga Turns To Gyrotonic Workout To Soothe Chronic Muscle Pain

Tue, Feb 16th 2016

Z Living Staff

Gyrotonic workouts aim to ease everyday functional movements like lifting bags, climbing stairs, carrying children, etc. This workout — also known as yoga for dancers — is a new and emerging fitness trend, much like the cardio barre workout. In fact, Lady Gaga recently took to her Instagram account to post pictures of her in motion, rocking gyrotonic exercises. The pop icon's physique is just one more reason for us to delve into this process, and its many ...

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