How To Lose Weight While Cutting Your Exercise Time In Half (Really!)

Tue, Jun 20th 2017

Z Living Staff

Want to cut your exercise time in half ... yet still lose weight? How about trying an exercise that also burns double the fat while you're at it? This all may sound a little too good to be true, but for once, this is no weight loss scam — instead, it's the natural result of interval training. And what's that? It's an exercise technique where you'll alternate periods of high-intensity exercise with low-intensity rest or recovery periods. And what's more, even if you don't absolutely love exercising (and let's be honest, not everyone does!) interval training is an expedient, non-boring way to go about your workout — not to mention, a way to see results ...

Why Running Makes You Poop — And 10 Ways To Deal

Wed, Jun 14th 2017

Z Living Staff

If your morning run makes you run for the toilet, you're not alone. “Come on, you can make it… the little store’s just right up the road. Hold it. Oh my God, it hurts to hold it.” If this sounds all too familiar, then you’ve probably experienced the “pinch and hold” move perfected by many runners. A review in the International SportMed Journal about gastrointestinal problems in runners reported that studies have found between 30 and 83 percent of runners are affected by GI disturbances. Simply put, many people feel the need to poop while running or shortly after they finish their ...

‘Altar’d’ Host Erin Stutland’s Top Tips For Fitness Beginners

Fri, Jun 2nd 2017

Z Living Staff

If you're a beginner attempting to regularly workout, exercise, and get fit overall, getting started — and keeping it up — can be truly challenging. So what can you do to set yourself up for success? Fitness professional Erin Stutland, co-host of Z Living's addictive new original series Altar'd, premiering January 17 at 8 PM, has this sage advice: Healthy living is a skill you improve at, it’s not something you master until you have practiced for a long time. Treat it how you would treat anything else you are ...

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