Who Is The Oldest Female Olympic Gymnast Of All Time?

by Z Living Staff

How old is too old to go to the Olympics? 25? 35?

Well, Oksana Chusovitina just qualified to represent her country of Uzbekistan as female gymnast. And guess what? AND SHE’S 40.

Now, we’re not saying 40 is old in the whole scheme of life. But in the whole scheme of the Olympics, 40 is definitely getting up there. For her part, Chusovitina, doesn’t seem worried. And why would she? Over her 25-year career on the world stage, she has competed a whopping 6 different times.

In her first games, way back in Barcelona in 1992, she won team gold with the Unified Team, which was made up of newly independent former Soviet Union Republics. She was only 16. In the 2008 Beijing games, Oksana won a silver medal for vault competing for Germany. After the 2012 London games, she said she was planning to retire but clearly plans have changed!

And if that wasn’t already inspiration-overload. Let us also add that Oksana is a mom, which makes her one of only four Olympians to return to competition after having a baby. The bottom line is we just love this story of a woman who never gave up and continues to push herself and stay true to her passion.

Can’t wait to watch her this summer!

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