Mental Mindset Hacks To Help You Not Give Up — Ever

by Emma Bathie

No matter what you’re trying to achieve — a new level of fitness, spirituality, parenting, or professional study — there are always going to be times when you Just. Want. To. Give. Up. 

How to persevere? Bring your mind up to a new level of mental fitness. Here are five mental mindset hacks anyone can use to break through the following excuses:

  • You can't find the time.
  • You lack the motivation to keep up a regular practice.
  • You experience mental resistance and you want to quit.
  • You try too many things and feel overwhelmed.
  • You feel like you're failing or not doing whatever it is you want to do, correctly.

Mindset Hack #1: Do The Thing You Want To Do First Thing In The Morning.

If you’re someone who feels like they have no time or you can’t see how you can fit this new thing you want to do into your busy schedule, do it first thing in the morning.

When you first wake up your mind are body are rested and you’re ready to tune into bigger possibilities for yourself. You’ll find that when complete your “thing” first thing in the morning, you’ll feel more set up for the day. You’ll also feel pleased with yourself for taking care of you and you’ll end up creating more time for yourself simply by not wasting any time on moaning about why you haven’t got to it yet.

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Mindset Hack #2: Focus On The Bigger Picture.

When you’re lacking motivation or finding it hard to get into whatever it is you’re trying to achieve, focus on the bigger picture of “why” you’re doing it. Remind yourself of what you’re trying to get to and what your longer-term goal is.

When you’re just focused on the immediate block of time you’ve committed to putting in that day, it can feel hard and challenging. But when you shift your focus out to the bigger picture of why you’re doing it, you’ll feel much more motivated and more likely to stick with your commitment.

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Mindset Hack #3: Shift Your Perspective About Challenges

This mindset hack is for when you’re experiencing mental resistance and you Just. Want. To. Quit. Imagine, for example, you’re in a program or you’ve set yourself a goal, and you’ve been making progress but then you reach that point where it gets hard or challenging in some way. That place that has you thinking this is just not for me, and I need to quit. 

Believe it or not this the exciting point, if you can just shift your perspective. This is the time where you need to take that figurative step back and change your thoughts of “I’m about to have a breakdown – I need to quit!” and instead say to yourself “Actually, I’m on the verge of making a breakthrough here!” And that’s why my resistance is coming up and my mind is giving me lots of excuses as to why I should quit. Get through this “rough” spot and you’ll find yourself in a much more smooth state.

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Mindset Hack #4: Take It Step-By-Step.

This is kind of the opposite of Tip #3. Sometimes we find ourselves doing so well that we just want to speed up our progress. So we jump on every new thing we can, thinking we’re going to get more benefit. But what happens is we end up getting overwhelmed and to that point of wanting to quit faster than if we stick to going smoothly and gradually. Instead, take things step-by-step.

Micro-learning, for example, is when we learn in small, very specific bursts that’s in just the right amounts… cue Goldilocks: not too much, not too little, but just the right amount to keep you moving forward and not enough to push you into a state of overwhelm or struggle or thinking you need to give up. So the tip to wanting to try too many new things is to take it step-by-step.

Mindset Hack #5: Choose to Notice This Moment as Success, Not Failure.

This is for those times when you think you’re not doing something correctly or that you’re stagnating, so heck, you must be failing. In this moment take a break. Step out into nature and give yourself some time to absorb the progress you’ve made and allow the new things you’ve been learning to sink in. 

Trust that what you’ve been learning is going in. Sometimes it just needs a little time to marinate and bubble back up to the surface of your conscious mind. Our subconscious absorbs much more than we give it credit for but we need to allow that part of our mind the space to give it back to us. Taking a break and getting out into nature, leaving your phone and devices behind gives you the exact breathing space needed for your mind to show you the progress you’ve made, and to see what might appear as a plateau as success, not failure.

What are some of the mindset hacks you’ve used to help push yourself through times you’ve wanted to give up? Let us know in the comments below. It might be just the thing that helps someone else achieve his or her goal.

Emma Bathie is a Soul Happiness Coach. Learn more about her work and how to create more of life's magic here.

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