5 Smart Fitness-Mindset Tips Straight From Gisele Bundchen’s Trainer

by Brandon Topp

Brazilian fashion model and actress Gisele Bündchen has long been considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Clearly in exceptional physical shape (especially for a 36-year-old!) Bündchen owes her excellent physique in part to one of the world’s best celebrity fitness trainers, Jill Payne. 

Payne is the founder of the new motivation-fitness program named Spiritual Athlete. The program, and the trainer’s general philosophy when working with supermodels and everyday clients, is all about positive-thinking and reducing stress. Its a program that speaks to us, as getting in the right state of mind to develop a reliable fitness routine is a major part of our original show Altar’d, where each episode a couple separates for 90-days prior to their wedding, individually trying to establish better fitness habits and wellness goals. Check out our special highlight page about the show here, and find out where you can watch Altar'd.  

Boston.com picked up some mental-mindset tips on how Bündchen and Payne approach fitness — and here's what we consider the best of 'em: 

1. Throw On a Smile, As Often As You Can. 

One of the most important parts of getting in shape is establishing a steady, and consistent routine. Payne believes one of the best ways to accomplish this, is to try and keep a positive, blissful attitude when exercising. She says that smiling (yes, just smiling!) is almost always an effective way to improve your mood in the heat of struggle ... even if it’s initially forced. 

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2. Focus On How And Where You’re Breathing. 

Gisele Bündchen’s trainer Jill Payne began her career as a yoga instructor, which means she spent a lot of time thinking about how breathing relates to working out. In her talk at Boston Sports Club, she discussed how most people breath into their chests, which isn’t calming. Payne suggests activating your diaphragm, so you can breath into your stomach. She says that before working out, you should lie on the floor and hook your fingers under your ribcage as if you’re going to lift it up. Massage those muscles up under your sternum, then work down to the hips to help loosen muscles that allow deeper, more restorative breaths. 

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3. Pay Some Attention To Any Overlooked Muscles. 

Payne’s fitness philosophy pays respect to all of the muscles in the body.  She says that the best way to accomplish a more comprehensive fitness routine, is to make sure that exercise targets either the diaphragm, the psoas — muscles that connect your core, spine, and legs — and the glutes. There are a number yoga poses that speak to each of these groups, as well as countless weight-and-body exercises. 

4. Strike A Pose, to Embody The Person You’re Aiming To Be.

If you’re on the second of four sets, and you’re thinking about quitting, striking a positive pose could make all the difference. Payne suggests striking a pose like a superhero with hands on your hips, or a champion with your arms raised above your head. She says in the Boston.com piece, the moves “make you feel like you’ve already won.” That feeling of positivity and triumph can be inspiring, making the rest of your workout feel more manageable. 

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5. Give Yourself A Pep Talk.

Staring into the mirror and repeating a mantra, or muttering motivational anecdotes to yourself during a set might feel a little weird, but it makes all the difference. In the same Boston.com piece, Payne says, “Our lives are reflections of the stories we tell ourselves. You want to be on the same team as the voice in your head.”

So, let that voice out, and give it an inspiring message to get through your workouts....just like Giselle Bündchen. 

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