6 Ways to Become a Morning-Workout Person

by Danny Cullen

Nobody wants to work out in the morning, no matter what your diehard Crossfit junkie neighbor tells you. Even the most avid morning enthusiasts struggle to roll out of the bed at 6am and work up the courage to get out there and get moving. They just happen to be better at doing it.

You, too, can sneak in workouts before work. The trick is to make it as easy as possible, because not only is getting up early tough, working out in the pale morning light is even tougher.  So with that in mind, here are six hacks that will make your morning workout routine that much easier.

Assemble Your Clothes

We only have so much willpower in the mornings, so take care of all the little chores Prep everything the night before so you literally only have to roll out of bed and get going. Charge your phone and stick your headphones right by it. Assemble your sneakers and workout clothes in the same spot. Just taking care of these small menial tasks will make your getting up that much easier. 

Fuel Up

Working out on an empty stomach isn’t great for metabolism or your energy levels, so make sure you have something to snack on before you head out. In line with the first tip, prep that the night before. Fill a bowl with dried oatmeal and load up the kettle, or make a peanut-butter sandwich and stash it in the fridge. Your body will thank you.

Get To Bed On Time

This one’s glaringly obvious, but get to bed early. If you know you’ve got a 6am alarm clock, make sure you’re asleep by midnight, at the latest. The science suggests 6-8 hours of sleep are necessary to be at your peak performance, so make sure you’re hitting those numbers!

Have An Accountability Buddy

Make your morning workouts accountable by making it a social obligation. Strike up  plans with a friend who is also trying to get in the morning workout routine. Adding the obligation of not leaving a friend hanging is sometimes all you need to get out and running.

Motivate Yourself

You know yourself well enough to know what motivates you. Maybe it’s your favorite yoga or zumba teacher. Maybe it’s a special playlist. Maybe it’s going over your goals before bed or early in the morning. Whatever it is, do it —if it gets you going, make sure it’s part of your routine.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a treat for accomplishing your goals. After a workout treat yourself to a hot cup of coffee or a snack. Knowing that these things are awaiting you after a tough morning workout can sometimes be enough to get you through those arduous morning hours.

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