You've Gotta Try Adele's 7-Minute Ab Workout That's All About Planks

by Sara Lindberg M. Ed,
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You (yes, you) can do Adele's seven-minute planking workout any time, anywhere. We all know exercising is something we should do, but how many times does it get put to the side because we simply don’t want to do it?! Not to mention how ridiculous we sometimes look when putting our body through those grueling workouts.

Thankfully, a few hilarious and very relatable pictures Adele shared on Instagram are giving all of us hope that sweating it out — scrunched up face and all — is definitely worth it.

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Adele's Workout Focuses On Core

With the help of her trainer, Pete Geracimo, Adele is learning the benefits of a strong core, while learning how to Superman. The workout, featured in People's website, lays out the entire core program Adele goes through.

Building a strong core is essential when participating in any sport, activity or exercise program and that is why Geracimo loves to start his clients with what he calls the "Seven Minutes in Heaven" workout. His clients perform seven different plank moves, each held for a minute.

Know How To Plank? You Can Do Adele's Workout

The beauty of this workout is that you can plank anywhere, any time. The plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning, as it improves posture, supports a healthy back, enhances overall movement and coordination and, of course, tones your midsection. Here's Adele's seven-minute routine.

Minute 1: The Classic Hand Plank Hold

Start off on your hands with arms locked out and back straight (almost looks like a push-up position). Hold for one minute.

Minutes 2 - 3: Start On Some Side Planks

Go on one forearm and turn sideways. You can raise your arm up or put it on your hip. Raise your body off the floor and hold for one minute and then switch to the other side and hold for one minute.

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Minute 4: The Forearm Plank

Similar to minute one, but instead of holding it on your hands, you are down on your forearms. Hold for one minute.

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Minute 5: The Table Plank

Start by sitting on your butt, chest facing up and knees bent. Push your butt up with your forearms down on the ground (it looks like a table hold). Hold for one minute.

Minute 6: The Dish Plank

Lie on your back and lift your legs, arms and shoulders off the ground. Point your toes and hold your legs at about a 45-degree angle. Hold for one minute.

Minute 7: Finally, The Superman!

Get in the classic plank pose and spread your legs apart. While holding this plank, extend one arm forward and simultaneously lift your opposite leg (if you extend your left arm, lift the right leg up). Hold this position for five seconds and repeat with other arm/leg.

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