At Home Dance Video Salsation Workout With Alejandro Angulo

by Trina Remedios
Dance workouts are the best; they're fun, don't feel like a chore and will have you coming back for every last move. Being Zumba lovers ourselves, we're always on the lookout for dance workout videos we can match step for step at home because sometimes dance classes are expensive or you just don't have the time. The newest addition to our routine is fitness star and dance choreographer Alejandro Angulo, who's bringing us some fat-busting moves with his sexy Salsation (Salsa +  Sensation) video tutorials. 

This talented man from Venezuela is a big hit in Asia and has been slowly introducing his invigorating dance workout routines in Europe and America by hosting regular workshops and training sessions. He's humble, enthusiastic, he's put together some amazing choreography and wants you to get more fit while you de-stress; what more can a girl ask for? 
We πŸ’“ : Salsation dance and workout videos on YouTube, because it allows us to get our fitness fix at home, learn new choreography and new dance styles. It's so much better than the robotic treadmill+crosstrainer cardio routines, that you may find yourself cancelling that gym membership altogether. Combining fitness forms like Latin Aerobics, Aerolatin, Zumba, Bailoterapia, plus dance styles like salsa, merengue, samba and hip-hop, Alejandro Angulo's classes are all about having fun; so don't feel pressured to nail all the steps or keep up with his pace, just shake that booty for a great burn and go where your body takes you. 
What You Will πŸ’“ :
  • It is a full-body workout that stimulates every muscle in your body, especially the heart.
  • The routines incorporate squats, lunges, planks and other bodyweight exercises into a dance form to give you a cardio and strength training workout simultaneously. 
  • While Alejandro mainly relies on Latin music for his tunes, songs by popular artists like Pitbull, Mark Anthony, Major Lazer, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake also make the Salsation soundtrack list.
  • The fitness choreographer employs a set of 3-5 steps throughout the song so you won't be overwhelmed if you're not a professional dancer. Typically, one spends the first stanza trying to understand and copy the choreography, and the second half totally nailing the moves to get in an amped-up workout groove.

Our 20-Minute Salsation Workout Videos Playlist 

We love this beginner level video set to Rihanna's hit single Boom Boom. Primarily using side steps to get you in the mood, it's easy to follow, will get your heart pulsating and prep your body for some next level moves. 

Here, we're keeping up the pace but getting more intense with the moves at this stage of the workout using the thumping beats of 679 by Fetty Wap. 

Okay. It's time to get moving and kick things in high gear with a slightly more upbeat choreography. Alejandro has us jumping, pacing, raising the roof and working it on the floor in this workout video pumped up  Boomerang courtesy of Pitbull and Akon. At just a little under 5-minutes, you are sure to feel the burn and sweat it out with this next set.

And for the grand finale, we have Robin Thicke's hypnotic modern classic Blurred Lines, ladies. Instead of twerking, try Alejandro's chill steps to bring your routine to a close and keep a catchy tune in your head for the rest of the day!
Crazy fun, right? If you've got any dance workouts, video tutorials or choreography sets to share link us to them in the comments section. It's totally our jam and we'd love to try them out!
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