#BackToSchool: 5 Exercises to Do In-Between Classes

by Myla Cruz

Finding time to exercise isn’t always easy for the 80 percent of Americans who don’t meet the US government’s recommended exercise standards, especially when school starts. Finding time within the cracks of your busy schedule to move and combat this trend is essential to healthy living. 

For the 20 million busy students heading back to school this fall, these are five simple-and-effective exercises you can do in between classes:

1. Calf Raises

First things first, as with any of these exercises, find a chill and discreet location where you can spend 10-15-unbothered minutes. Stand on flat ground with your feet shoulder length apart and gradually lift yourself onto your tippy toes. Come back down slowly recognizing the burn in the rear and lower areas of your legs. Repeat 25 times. 

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2. Wall Sits

The wall sit is a simple way to get a thorough leg work out and still free up your hands for texting and catching up on social media. Find a wall and stand parallel to it, roughly 18 inches away with your back facing it. Start the exercise by lowering yourself into a squatting position, sit on an invisible chair. Once your knees are at a 90 degree angle (knees behind your toes) rest your lower back against the wall and hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat three times to feel the burn and reap the rewards. 

3. Walking

This one may sound suspiciously simple, but walking is definitely a must for your mid-school workout routine. At a rate of 15-minutes per mile, a 185-pound person burns 67 calories walking for 10 minutes and a 125-pound person burns 45 calories. Make sure to make your walks brisk and quick enough to heighten the heart rate. Plenty of college and high school campuses across the States have their own track, so don't be afraid to stop off for a few laps. Also, spice things up by finding staircases across your campus and sculpt your entire body with a simple, no-equipment-necessary routine. 

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4. Standing Bicycle

Let your abs know you haven’t forgotten about them by incorporating the standing bicycle’s ab-crunching capabilities. Start by standing with you feet together, knees slightly bent with your hands placed behind your head. Then lift your knee towards its opposing elbow, keeping in mind to keep your chest up and out. Brace your abs for the impact and tighten them once feeling the squeeze. Do 20 reps for each side. 

5. Arm Circles

Quick, simple and to the point, arm circles keep your arms tight and toned. Simply stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lift both arms straight out to your sides at shoulder height. Make small and big circles, focusing on keeping your placement and tightening the core. Complete 15 large circles going forward, 15 large circles going back, 15 smaller circles going forward and 15 smaller circles going back for the perfect arm workout while on the go.

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