Carrie Underwood & Erin Oprea Shut Down Schoolyard Bully

by Trina Remedios
Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea is a busy mom of two who juggles her career and family. Oprea was attending her son's soccer match when she decided to skip rope instead of keeping her booty on the bleachers. Hey, why not do both?

Oprea soon found a picture of herself jumping rope at the game on Instagram. Who posted a picture of her without her permission? One of the dads! Weird right? And it had the caption:

"Would it be wrong for me to tell her that every dad at the soccer field thinks her standing out front with her jump rope for two hours only screams she wants attention..."

Ugh! The nerve.

And, That's Not All...
The father continued responding to his thread of comments (most of which were in support of Oprea), calling the fitness trainer a 'butterface', which means, everything is sexy 'but her face' - real mature, Dad. And he said that she was just desperate to be seen.

Did it not occur to him that he is the one who's desperate for the attention? Afterall he's mocking an awesome, attractive woman on his Instagram feed! 

Strong enough to hold her own, Oprea took to her blog to narrate the incident, belittling him in no way, just reinforcing the importance of an active lifestye and getting in a workout wherever and whenever you can—even if that means skipping rope at your son's soccer game. What a #BossMove, we must say!

Workplace stretches, standing desks, and recreational rooms all reveal that this generation is too busy to forget about fitness, and must learn to improvise. Oprea writes, "I bring weights to soccer practices, my phone for body weight Tabatas while waiting in between clients, and a jump rope absolutely everywhere, especially to soccer games so I can get my cardio in while watching my boys kick some butt!"

Needless to say when Oprea's friend Carrie Underwood caught wind of what went down, she immediately had her friend's back and posted this motivational message on her Instagram, and directed people to check out the inspiring lady's blog too. We give full props to these women for keeping their rebuttal dignified and positive.

Not sure we'd be able to practice that kind of restraint!

Take A Cue From Oprea 

"I don’t want to see people getting bullied for doing what works best for their lifestyle. What I do care about are those who would love to be out moving but worry that they’re being judged. I don’t want the choice to be made for them because of bullies," said Oprea, as she narrated the incident on her blog.

We're in complete support of it. Take the stairs, bring your jump rope to the game, use your chair as a prop for some office yoga, cycle home from work (suit, tie, and all), or even do some crunches while watching TV with the family... whatever you like, it's better to stay active and healthy than to drive yourself sick because you're too worried about being ridiculed. Now go on, you hot thing... let's see you do some squats on the field!
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