Fitness Trend Alert! Crawling Is The New Plank

by Myla Cruz
Every person must learn to crawl before they walk, but now, according to fitness trends, they must crawl again. Why? Washington, D.C.-based chiropractor Justin Klein has declared that crawling is the new plank.

The Practice of Crawling ... As An Adult 

Klein prescribes a crawling practice to many of his patients, including 31-year-old Alexandra Greeves, who hadn’t worked out since giving birth to her 6-month-old son. “I had to concentrate on it,” explains Greeves. Initially, she struggled with keeping her head lifted and gaze high, fighting the urge to move too quickly. Klein also helped a 60-year-old patient who was recently in a car accident crawl, alongside numerous other patients with various ages and ailments.

Crawling is a "Reset," According to Klein

Klein is a practitioner of unconventional approaches to pain treatment, believing strongly in "Original Strength"—a fitness regime that encourages health enthusiasts to practice the movement patterns of young children. According to Klein, in Original Strength, crawling is a “reset,” which is meant to bring back the strength and mobility lost from aging.
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The Event "Crawl on the Mall" is Getting the Word Out

Now the chiropractor wants to spread the word of this work out to the masses. In pursuing this goal, he has created “Crawl on the Mall,” a free event held between the White House and the Washington Monument. The first Crawl on the Mall installment takes place October 22 from 1-4pm.
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On hand for the event will be Original Strength co-founder Tim Anderson. In 2011, Anderson released the book Becoming Bulletproof, where he discusses the benefits of crawling. According to Anderson, there’s a reason kids learn to crawl before they take their first steps:  “It should take four limbs to walk,” he says, as crawling helps them children develop a healthy gait pattern. Anderson’s message is essentially that too many adults have forgotten the biology of the body and the strain that upright walking has caused, leaving many in pain as a result.

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Crawling is a "Full Body Exercise"

Danielle Johnson, a physical therapist at the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program in Rochester, MN said to the Chicago Tribune, "Make the floor your friend. Crawling may seem silly and better left to children, but as a full body exercise, it's hard to beat."

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