Stay Fit The Ellie Goulding Way: Juicing, Detoxing, Boxing

by Trina Remedios

If you didn't know who Ellie Goulding was before, you sure know her now that the hit single Love Me Like You Do from Fifty Shades Of Grey has been a chart topper across the globe. Apart from her vocal skills, 28-year-old Goulding is a stunning looking English girl who's now being stalked for fitness tips and health advice, despite the fact that she was criticized for the same things once upon a time. In her latest interview with Women's Health magazine, Ellie gets real about losing weight,and doesn't give a damn about what you make of her methods.

"A lot of music critics would associate my passion for fitness with being boring or the opposite of rock and roll." She adds, "Which I resented because my job is based on me being a bit crazy. I wouldnt have written any of my songs without losing it a little. But Ive definitely started to notice a difference in attitudes since I started. All those people that said those things and made fun of me... everyones doing it. Everyone's juicing and detoxing and doing yoga now."

Goulding loves to spend time getting fit and fabulous with boyfriend Dougie Poynter. Working out with a partner not only helps you inch closer to your weight loss goals, but it also serves as the perfect run-up to sex.

She is just as dedicated to Barry's Bootcamp, which is a fun HIIT routine that combines cardio and strength training to torch calories. Goulding is also a big advocate of boxing and encourages women to join the local girl gang, fighting or boxing club.

On an end note, the singer loves to crack the whip in the gym before hitting the stage: "How I stay fit for stage mostly involves this, plus many expletives."

While we suggest you keep your lips sealed and the cuss words at bay, the rest of Ellie's workout is definitely inspiring and worth giving a shot.

Source: Women's Health Magazine;Image Source:Ellie Goulding/Instagram


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