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by Charlene Flanagan
Known as The Internet's "Pilates Princess," Cassey Ho of the wildly popular Website and YouTube channel Blogilates, recently secured the #4 spot on the Most Influential Personalities In Health & Fitness list by Greatist. You may remember her from The Perfect Body video that went viral last year in April—it was Cassey’s attempt at a body positive clip that hit home; well, this vlogger has continued to hone her craft (and her workouts) since then.

With over 1.2 million loyal followers on Instagram, 3 million+ subscribers on YouTube and a few hundred thousand on Twitter, Cassey Ho is a social media star alright; one who is dominating the health and fitness space with the likes of FBG creator Anna Victoria, femme fatale yogi Jessamyn Stanley and Kayla Itsines (of Bikini Body Guide fame).

Why We Follow: Cassey Ho is a certified pilates instructor and has major street cred among instructors and followers alike. Her YouTube feed has got everything a striving pilates enthusiast or newbie could possibly need—workouts, core routines for rock solid abs, healthy recipes, and even DIY craft ideas. 

She's also created POP Pilates a total body, equipment-free workout that sculpts a rock solid core and a lean dancer's body. Sign us up. Pop Pilates combines the discipline and rhythm of dance with traditional Pilates to create a supercharged group workout that will give you a lean and sculpted body. This format has now been adopted as the official Pilates style of all 24-Hour Fitness gyms nationwide.

And in her spare time she's found a way to become a best-selling author, and has been featured in multiple national publications.

Why We ❤: There are so many reasons we love Cassey Ho. From her various workout videos that guarantee a great core workout, style tutorials, and deliciously healthy recipes—there’s indeed something for everyone. 

And if you’ve ever wondered how often to change your workout routine, when’s the best time to work out, or even how often you should workout for your specific fitness goals, Cassey created a series of easy-to-use custom fitness calendars to help you stay on track and hit certain goals. The calendars are a great optino for those of us who need a little extra help in scheduling our workouts.

What’s more, Cassey has taken her entrepreneurial spirit and recently launched her very own line of activewear called PopFlex. We love the cute sports bras, light and airy feeling tie-dyed fabrics, and seemingly endless combinations of mix 'n match ensembles. In Ho's own words, her products are made “to have the highest degree of quality at a price point that will not barricade women from enjoying top notch, high-tech fabrics and artistic design.” Cute and affordable? It's almost too good to be true.

It's inspiring to see all that she's achieved in such little time and that's exactly why she's our Fitness Star of The Week.

What You Can Expect From Blogilates
  • While the channel began with a focus on pilates workout moves, it's now become a complete lifestyle avenue—you have DIY hairstyle tutorials, healthy recipes, and even décor crafts.
  • From full-body workouts to those that target specific areas, the how-to tutorials are easy  to use with their step-by-step format.
  • Also, she's got some never-seen-before exercise moves and cues on how to heal your body from metabolic damage—many such interesting takes are what will keep you coming back for more. 
  • If you’re looking for healthy meal plans, from protein bars, healthy ice-cream recipes, vegan delicacies to detox waters and workout smoothies, bite into a piece of what Cassey’s cooking up in the kitchen and you’ll be one happy camper.

With so much to offer for all skill levels, you can take your pick from Ho's fitness and healthy lifestyle advice or simply subscribe to her channel (like we did) for a good mix of everything.

Image Via Instagram/Blogilates
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