PopSugar Workout Playlist: Don't Forget To Stretch

by Puja Gokarn

We're already getting ready for our workouts with Anna Renderer when Class FitSugar premieres on Z Living on July 5 at 5PM. To get pumped for the show, we've been flipping through POPSUGAR Fitness, which has an array of fitness videos that fit a busy lifestyle. We've compiled a Video Playlist of our favorite workouts, which include a Butt & Thigh Remix (ouch!) and a core routine to get you bikini body ready.

A consistent stretching routine is just as important as regular exercise. If you're like us, you might be tempted to neglect this part of your workout routine. But, stretching has major benefits and should not be skipped. So, as part of our POPSUGAR Fitness Video Playlist series, we're adding stretches to the workout mix. 

Mornings: Good morning, sun! This home workout will help ease you into a wakeful state, energize you, and prepare you for the grind of the day.

At work: Sometimes, I swear I feel my laptop hypnotising me into submitting to it, before it digs its tentacles right into my being and sucks out all my energy. How else do you explain being chained to it all day and not even realizing how tired you are until after the sun goes down? Well, push yourself away from your desk and indulge in these stretches. I tried them out five minutes before typing this and felt the daylight streaming into the blinds of my mind.

Back At Home: Booty on the couch? No ma'am! You’ve been sitting all day and the much coveted thigh gap and butt ain’t gonna carve themselves. We promise that this exercise will leave you energized enough to spend some quality time with your family or yourself. AND the next morning you’ll feel a bit sexier in your denims.

Before Bedtime: By the time your key has unwound itself, curling up inside that blanket is heaven incarnate! Don’t go by the looks of that fluffy pillow, though. It actually does not guarantee the sound sleep you’re praying you get before you’re back to hitting the snooze button. Scratch all that! The real question is – what kind of workout leaves you feeling great about your abs and also guarantees a good night’s sleep? It’s these few easy and comfy stretches! Sweet dreams (about those rock-solid abs)!

Your favorite online workout series is now on Z Living! Check out Class Fitsugar, premiering on Z Living July 5 at 5PM.

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